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Product Range

brake discs rear standard
(Ex VAT £37.00)
brake - ap caliper seals
(Ex VAT £37.00)
brake discs front standard - 240mm
(Ex VAT £38.00)
sub-frame mount large
Sub-frame mounts large and small
(Ex VAT £247.20)
exhaust heat shield s/s ms design
(Ex VAT £72.00)
exhaust round tailpipes
(Ex VAT £65.00)
exhaust/cat fitting kit
(Ex VAT £6.00)
manifold 4-2-1 stainless steel new design
4.2.1 Manifold
(Ex VAT £445.00)
sunmate total protection hood cover
(Ex VAT £48.00)
wheel hub adapters mike satur design
(Ex VAT £120.00)
wheel nuts - stainless steel new design
Stainless steel new design. Designed specifically for the MGF and MGTF only and made exclusively by ourselves
(Ex VAT £60.00)
speaker & tweeter trim ring kit-polished
Machined from billet aluminium with 8 dimples these trims can be fitted in a few seconds without any tools.
(Ex VAT £48.00)
slick shift kit v mgf & mgtf
The ultimate gear change mechanism now in it's 17th year of production with hundreds sold world wide.
(Ex VAT £185.00)
coolant pipes - stainless steel uf
One of the first upgrades Mike made for the MGF was aluminium cooling pipes..and then stainless steel and 20 years on everyone now offers these ..but not all are the same.
(Ex VAT £61.00)
mgtf transformer suspension kit - radical new design
New design CNC ali top assembly/housing that will bolt into the top of the subframe via a rubber cushion isolating pad (no drilling required). I have designed this kit from a fresh sheet and believe I have, after a lot of thought, eliminated all the inherent issues the standard cars suffer from.
(Ex VAT £950.00)
rear top arms rebuilt
Rebuild service for rear top arms
(Ex VAT £160.00)
lowering springs and adaptor plate - red - mgtf
More compliant road spring. Lowers the car by approx 25mm. Specially designed and manufactured by Mike Satur. Springs ground at both ends for improved performance
(Ex VAT £165.00)
rear upper arm / lower shock bearing mgtf
Replacement Part for the MGTF. This bearing replaces the rear upper arm bearing and is also the same bearing for the lower shock mount (always replace the lower bolt with a new one).
(Ex VAT £30.00)
exhaust hangers and heatshield brackets
Stainless steel heatshield and exhaust mounting brackets
(Ex VAT £26.67)
sill repair panel
Repairs the area to the rear corner of the sill around the jacking point
(Ex VAT £157.00)
sill repair panel front
Repairs the outer sill and corner return.
(Ex VAT £80.00)
wheel centre
Billet ali wheel centres
(Ex VAT £64.00)
exhaust heatshield trim
Heatshield TRIM
(Ex VAT £29.00)
exhaust fitting kit delux
Comprehensive kit of parts
(Ex VAT £35.00)
hose connectors
(Ex VAT £11.67)
door hinge repair kit
Hinge repair kit
(Ex VAT £17.20)
rear arb drop links kit billet ali
Rear drop link kit
(Ex VAT £74.17)
bell crank tf
Gearbox bell crank MGTF
(Ex VAT £29.17)
sports cat mk 2 s/s
Sports cat mark 2
(Ex VAT £285.83)
subframe crash bars
subframe crash bars
(Ex VAT £55.00)
cam bolt upgrade
Cam bolts
(Ex VAT £4.00)
ali radiator mgf/tf
Std rad for MGF/TF
(Ex VAT £69.00)
subframe mounts lightweight race
Aluminum subframe brackets
(Ex VAT £275.00)
polybush kit front mgf/tf
Front Polybush kit MGF/TF
(Ex VAT £45.00)
clutch lever ms design
Clutch lever MS design
(Ex VAT £16.67)
ap brake pad retaining pins ms design
AP s/s brake pins
(Ex VAT £16.00)
rear brake disc black diamond
Rear disc BDCombi
(Ex VAT £140.00)
front top arm rebuild service
Exchange service for TF top arms
(Ex VAT £130.00)
(Ex VAT £37.00)
radiator bleed valve
Radiator bleed valve
(Ex VAT £8.50)
exhaust or cat flange repair kit
Exhaust/cat repair kit
(Ex VAT £24.00)
uprated clutch kits black diamond
Uprated clutch kits
(Ex VAT £179.17)
camber kit mgf/tf
Camber kit MGF/TF
(Ex VAT £40.00)
ap caliper brake pad retaining plate s/s
AP Caliper brake retaining plate S/S
(Ex VAT £16.00)
ap caliper brake pad ret plate ss
Brake pad retaining plate in SS pr
(Ex VAT £30.00)
heat shield and brackets stainless steel
Heat shield and brackets stainless steel
(Ex VAT £95.83)
plug leads twin lead set forvvc engines 2001+
Plug leads VVC 2001+
(Ex VAT £24.00)
speaker & tweeter trims polished
Speaker & tweeter trims Polished
(Ex VAT £48.00)
brake - bleedscrew cap-rubber
(Ex VAT £0.85)
brake pads rear - standard
(Ex VAT £18.00)
sub-frame mounts small.
MS design subframe mounts
(Ex VAT £29.80)
tf spring & shocker kit ( red )
After extensive testing and development both on road and track Mike has designed two spring and shocker kits that will suit most drivers.
(Ex VAT £540.00)
tf spring & shocker kit (blue)
After extensive testing and development both on road and track Mike has designed two spring and shocker kits that will suit most drivers. FITTING SERVICE AVAILABLE AT OUR WORKSHOP IN SOUTH YORKSHIRE 120 + VAT
(Ex VAT £540.00)
ball joint upper rear mgtf - lower price!
Rover Part Number RBK000090 Top Ball Joint for the rear of the MGTF.O.E parts. Now lower Price.
(Ex VAT £20.00)
bush - rear kit mgtf
High quality polyurethane bushes for rear suspension MGTFs. Kit includes special silicon based grease proven not to cause chemical decomposition to the bushes
(Ex VAT £80.00)