Top Arm Pivots Stainless Steel (Sold as pair)
Top Arm Pivots Stainless Steel Rebuild kit (Sold as pair)
MGF and MGTF Top Arm Pivot kit Stainless Steel (pair)
(Ex £68.00)
metro mk1 front hydragas conversion kit
Metro MK1 front Hydragas Conversion Kit
Metro MK1 Coil Conversion Kit
(Ex £560.00)
coil conversion kit metro mk1
Coil Conversion Kit Metro Mk1 &Mk2
Metro front coil spring conversion kit
(Ex £560.00)
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hydragas adapter nipples
Hydragas adapter nipples
Hydragas weld or screw in adapters.
(Ex £30.00)
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subframe crash bars
MGF and MGTF Subframe Crash Bars
MGF and MGTF Front Subframe Crash Bars
(Ex £55.00)
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Best MGF Modification ever !
Thanks to Mike to do it for us and for his patience to help fitting correctly. Always available for advices or just to check, it's really appreciable in this world in this business. It is a best modification you can do it for your MGF. The car is completely transformed and suddenly recover a performance suspension (as it should be for sport car like Lotus at the time). Adjustable dampers allow to set it for road or track. Adjustable high riding between front an rear is also a liberation of hydragas system (and don't change). Adjustable camber is also a great as benefit. It requires a serious mechanic level to do it correctly with hours to spend with complete geometry resetting at the end, so don't hesitate to let a professional to do it if you are not able or if you don't have enough time. it's worth it undeniably instead of reconditioned spheres and rusty pipes !