Terms & Conditions

In the unlikely event that you wish to return a Mike Satur product we will refund you subject to the following terms:
1 Notify us via email and phone within 7 days that you wish to return the goods stating the reason and the invoice/order number /date of purchase/ contact details and method used for payment.  Do not assume that we have received an email and that is sufficient always make contact by phone as well. Shipping returns to be arranged by customer at the customers expense with proof of posting and tracking details.
2 If parts have been supplied correctly then there is a re-stocking fee of 15% and postage will not be refunded.
3 If parts have been supplied incorrectly and are returned unused in the same packaging or equivalent then a full refund will be made if returned within 7 days or an agreed time.  This may vary for overseas customers. You also have the choice to choose alternative products or have a credit note.
4. If parts have been used and show evidence of use or used incorrectly then until they are returned we cannot offer a refund until inspection is made and in any event a refund may not be given. If said parts are able to be refurbished to as new condition then the cost of refurbishment will be deducted from any values agreed. Postage is not refundable.  We will not accept parts that have been used where safety is an issue such as brake parts e.g pads.
5. If for some reason you find a part will not fit or is damaged and want a replacement then the  part will have to be returned for inspection first before a replacement part is supplied. This is because the tolerances on the MGF and TF can vary vastly. EG subframe brace tubes and slick shift frames these sometimes require a small adjustment before fitting.  We can advise you the best course of action before you decide to return the parts as we may be able to offer an alternative solution. 
6.We take pride in making sure parts will fit and all parts are tested for fit and meet our minimum standards. Please check with us first that you are fitting parts correctly before returning. Certain parts require a degree of skill and knowledge to ensure the correct fit and function .eg repair panels or camshafts.

All parts designed and manufactured by Mike Satur use the best components and materials available to last beyond a 'normal' service life and as such it is extremly rare to have a part manufactured by ourselves to become faulty because of the testing and development involved, so you can purchase with confidence.  All parts generally carry a  minimum of a 12 months warranty this may be invalidated if parts are used for race or track use or altered outside our recommended parameters. EG lowering a suspension kit lower than our recommended settings or incorrect damper settings. Always consult us first before purchasing if you intend to change the specifications as we can offer advice or manufacture to suit your requirements if possible.
Some components we purchase, such as polyurethane bushes carry the original manufacturers warranty and we will replace any faulty parts after consulatation with our supplier and at their discretion. For extra peace of mind Mike Satur Ltd will replace a part if agreement cannot be reached with the supplier if after inspection we feel it should be replaced. All components manufactured by outside suppliers are fully tested on our own vehicles and have been dimensionally checked so fitting is trouble free and the performance is as good as it can be.

In addition to the Consumer Rights Act 2015, our warranty only covers the parts in question and not to any consequential loss or cost, eg garage labour, recovery, car hire, re-delivery, parking fines etc. No claim will be validated if the failure is caused by mis-use, neglect, overheating, incorrect installation or failure of a related component or incorrect installation that has not been done in accordance with our instructions. We advise your garage to consult with us prior to fitting any of our components.

Any part replaced or repaired under warranty, will only benefit from the balance or the cover remaining from the original purchase date. Warranties are not transferable. Acceptance of goods is deemed as acceptance of these terms. The warranties are in addition to, and do not affect your statutory consumer rights.

Catalytic convertors are the only exception to a 12 month warranty as poorly fuelled cars will shorten their life, the construction has a minimum 12 months warranty and this is supplied by our partners  Piper exhausts. 
Similarly the Daytona exhaust carries the Piper warranty and their warranty card must be completed and sent of at the time of purchase/fitting together with a Mike Satur invoice/receipt.Proof of purchase is required for any warranty claim. Always keep invoices in a safe place for future reference.
Parts such as exhaust systems when fitted to older cars may require new engine/gearbox/exhaust mounts as well as manifold studs. These should be checked and replaced as required as they may cause an exhaust to fail prematurely. We pride ourselves on the quality of our systems that have been developed in-house to ensure a perfect fit.Tested using flow benches/dynos and many track hours and extensively road tested for thousands of miles since 1997 to bring you the best exhaust for your MG. A failure is extremly rare and if this occured it would be dealt with quickly by Piper via Mike Satur.

Race, track and competition use. Mike Satur has been actively involved with MG preparation for road and track since 1987 and has built up a enviable knowledge what will work best for your application. We can help with products that are to be used on track and advise which may be suitable  but due to to the way parts are subjected to  much higher stress levels than road use we do not offer a returns or warranty for parts used under these conditions.

We supply some parts on an exchange such as re-profiled camshafts and exchange suspension arms. We reserve the right to withhold any deposits until the exchange parts are received back within the specified time  of 3 months. After this specified time the deposit cannot be refunded unless agreed with Mike Satur. If exchange parts are considered un-serviceable then the deposit will not be returned and we reserve the right to receive servicable parts or charge the going rate for the same. All exchange parts should be returned in a clean degreased manner and of any excess corrosion.

We take care to ensure the information and prices are correct and offered subject to availability. Shipping may vary depending on areas and we reserve the right to charge additional amounts to recover these costs. If you live in a remote area please ask for a quote before ordering. E.G Highlands /Northern Ireland .Since 2020 courier charges have risen significantly and we always try and get the best price and service but in some circumstances we may ask for an additional payment.Conversely we will refund any excess charges made if the costs are less. Since 2022 we have seen a dramatic rise in fuel cost and subsequently our couriers are imposing extra charges to offset this we may choose a slower service. Please advise if your part is required urgently so we can adjust accordingly.

Customer's own units
If we have to re-condition or work with parts sent by customers for modification or repairs we cannot be held responsible for the safe keeping of said parts or free storage of parts if not paid for after work has been completed. We reserve the right to re-sell any parts not collected or paid for to recover the cost of any work undertaken if the sale of the parts does not cover the cost of the work the customer has to pay the balence. If the part is not considered servicable it is the customers resposibility to collect or instruct collection within a reasonable time (No more than two months) or accept the costs in disposing of any parts on their behalf.
DELAYS/Covid 19/ Brexit
Due to current Covid 19 restrictions we have experienced unprecedented  delays with sub contractors and parts suppliers. Where possible we may have to use alternative parts and suppliers to relieve this situation. We will endeavour to get your parts to you ASAP and ask for your patience during these times. Delivery into the EU since Brexit have caused delays which are out of our control and we cannot be held responsible for delays caused by European Customs.2022 has seen the demise of P&O ferries which are used to send and receive items from Europe,this will inevitably have a cost implication.
All parts designed by Mike Satur and listed below and sold by Mike Satur Ltd, on this site or by any other authorised means are sold on the understanding that copying or infringement of intellectual property rights are strictly forbidden and by purchasing you agree to adhere to this agreement and we reserve the right to take legal action against any infringement.Customers trade or otherwise that have infringed our IP rights are forbidden to purchase from this webshop or by any other means and we will take legal action to prevent this and report any such infringement to Trading Standards.
Please note we do not supply fitting instructions with every component we sell, eg Oil filter/ spark plugs/wheel nuts, the use of a workshop manual is the first port of call. We do make videos on you tube that can be accessed for key items we manufacture and sell but we are available for assistance via email/phone call when we are free to help.

Products designed and manufactured by Mike Satur:-
We have a policy to manufacture all products in the UK and use British companies to assist in this. We believe in British made products for British cars and ask for your support to keep British jobs in the UK. Not all UK suppliers have this policy and we urge you to support this way of thinking to ensure we carry on manufacturing in the UK and create jobs for our children's future.

1 Hood retaining straps in s/s with or without correct foam seal . s/s hood tensioning wires.New 6 piece version 11/21.
2 Boxer Roll Hoops 1999 MK1/2/3
3 Slick shift gear change SSK
4 Glass windbreak
5 Seat belt tidies MS original design/ escutcheons NLA
6 Wiper linkage MS original design.
7 Wheel hub adapters adjustable PCD
8 Heater knobs in ali.
9 FCCKit (hydragas replacement) 2017 Mk1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10
10 MGTF Transformer suspension kit.Mk1 and MK2 2023
11 Replacement TF springs std or lowered. NLA
12 MGF rear adjustable ali tie bar.NLA
13, Rad bleed valve (ali)
14 S/S wheel nuts
15 Billet ali MGF front and rear drop links
16 S/S heat shield..New 2019 
17 S/s heat shield trim  
18 Uprated MGF anti-roll bars (road and race spec/fast road) For use with FCCKit.or front MGTF
19 AP s/s brake pad thrust plates/screws kit of 4
20 Door hinge repair kits in s/s 
21 Ali wheel centres inc Trophy 
22 421 s/s manifold.
23 Daytona exhaust
24 Ali seat adjusters
25 Air duct kit
26 MGF/TF camber adjuster kits. New version 08/21
27 Clutch lever (with grease nipple) Mild steel . Stainless steel version 05/20
28 Sill repair panels MGF front and rear sections.
29 Sunmate & hoodmate  covers
30 MGTF rear sill repair kit (L/R panels)
30a TF front sill repair panels (L/R).
31 MGF Knuckle joints std and lowered.New MS design.
32 MGF & TF bell cranks MGF in SS 2021
33 Speaker and Tweeter trims in anodised and polished ali NLA
34 Stainless steel exhaust hanger brackets
35 Bike caddy (in development)
36.Ali foot pedals F& TF Revised design 2023
37 S/S subframe mounts.2020
38.Ali subframe mounts Feb 2020
39. Hydragas nipples weld and non-weld.
40 Ali door lock pins NLA
41 Oil Cooler take off adapter.04/2022
42. MGF rear suspension reinforcement plates
43.F1&Aero MGF body kit (no longer available)
44. Billet ali mirror adjusters revised design 2023
45 Billet ali trinket box ,replaces ashtray.NLA
46. Lower door kick plates NLA
47.Brake pedal adjuster. NLA
48. Sintered top arm bearing repair kits.MGF/TF
49.Wishbone long bolt kit.Now HT rod.
50.MGTF rear billet ali ARB drop links.
51. Aluminium tax disc holder.
52.MGF Top arms in billet ali to suit FCCKit.
53. MGF rear lower wing repair panel.
54. MGF front sill repair section.
55. Stainless steel MGF sill cover trims.2020
56. Stainless steel AP/Std caliper  caliper banjo bolt.
57.Stainless steel brake nipples.
58. Jack/tool bag.
59. Boot rack.NLA
60.Billet ali FX windbreak. NLA
61.Billet ali FX speaker and tweeter covers.NLA
62. 17" Trophy alloys.NLA
63.Billet FX brake calipers.NLA
64.Aluminium hard top.NLA
65.Steel body kit and front wings.NLA
66. Stainless steel top arm pivots and thrust washers.08/21
67. Spare wheel retainer in aluminium and stainless steel.09/21
68. MGTF rear top arm spacer and bolt kits in stainless steel. 08/21
69. MGTF rear bump stop brackets in stainless steel. 06/21
70. MGTF front ARB drop link in ali.08/21 Flat version.
71.  MGF rear track link adjusters in stainless steel.
72. MGF bell crank in stainless steel (08/2021)
73.Slick shift with stainless steel frame and cable clamp. 09/21
74. Stainless steel brake pins for AP calipers.
75. Stainless steel brake pad retaining plates for AP calipers.
76. Exhaust flange repair kit in Stainless steel. 11/21.
77. Hood frame extension to prevent hood crimping.2022.
78. MGTF Stainless steel bell crank 05/2022
79. Subframe braces in stainless steel. 05/2022 
80. TF suspension kit modified TransFormer kit 05/2022
81.6 stud stainless steel down pipe and separate flexy section. 04/2022
82. TF coolant 3 and 4 way hose connectors in aluminium. 06/2023
83. Metro hydragas replacement MK1/MK2 2023/24
84. MS version of rear/front 280mm brake conversions.
85. Front and rear Billet ali ARB mounts.2023
86. Flywheel locking tool.1998
87. SS Exhaust flange repair kits
88. C spanner for suspension adjustment.
89. Heater hose ali connectors.
90.Billet ali FX windbreak NLA 1997
91.Rear panel boot repair section.2024.
92. TF long sill repair section.2023

This list does not include all products that are no longer in production or available which are the intellectual property of Mike Satur