Terms & Conditions

All parts designed by Mike Satur or listed below and sold by Mike Satur Ltd, on this site or by any other authorised means are sold on the understanding that copying or infringement of intellectual property rights are strictly forbidden and by purchasing you agree to adhere to this agreement and we reserve the right to take legal action against any infringement.

Products designed and manufactured by Mike Satur:-

1 Hood retaining straps in s/s with or without correct foam seal . s/s hood tensioning wires.

2 Boxer Roll Hoops

3 Slick shift gear change SSK

4 Glass windbreak

5 Seat belt tidies MS original design/ escutcheons

6 Wiper linkage 

7 Wheel hub adapters

8 Heater knobs in ali.

9 FCCKit (hydragas replacement)

10 MGTF Transformer suspension kit.

11 Replacement TF springs std or lowered.

12 MGF rear adjustable ali tie bar.

13, Rad bleed valve (ali)

14 S/S wheel nuts

15 Billet ali MGF front and rear drop links

16 S/S heat shield..New 2019 

17 S/s heat shield trim  

18 Uprated MGF anti-roll bars (road and race spec/fast road)

19 AP s/s brake pad thrust plates/screws kit of 4

20 Door hinge repair kits in s/s 

21 Ali wheel centres inc Trophy 

22 421 s/s manifold.

23 Daytona exhaust

24 Ali seat adjusters

25 Air duct kit

26 MGF/TF camber adjuster kits

27 Clutch lever (with grease nipple)
28 Sill repair panel MGF 

29 Sunmate & hoodmate  covers

30 MGTF rear sill repair kit (L/R panels)

30a TF front sill repair panels (L/R)

31 MGF Knuckle joints std and lowered.New MS design

32 MGF & TF bell cranks
33 Speaker and Tweeter trims in anodised and polished ali
34 Stainless steel exhaust hanger brackets
35 Bike caddy (in development)
36.Ali foot pedals F& TF
37 S/S subframe mounts.
38.Ali subframe mounts Feb 2020
39. Hydragas nipples weld and non-weld.
40 Ali door lock pins
41 Ali door mirror adjusters.
42. MGF rear suspension reinforcement plates
43.F1&Aero MGF body kit (no longer available)
44. Billet ali mirror adjusters
45 Billet alt trinket box ,replaces ashtray.
46. Lower door kick plates 
47.Brake pedal adjuster.
48. Sintered top arm bearing repair kits.MGF/TF
49.Wishbone long bolt kit.
50.MGTF rear billet ali ARB drop links.
51. Aluminium tax disc holder.
52.MGFTop arms in billet ali to suit FCCKit.

This list does not include all products that are no longer in production or listed which are the intellectual property of Mike Satur.