mgf and tf engine coolant rail
MGF and TF engine coolant rail stainless steel
Engine coolant rail pipes in stainless steel.
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MGF and MGTF Radiator Duct Kit
MGF and MGTF Radiator Duct Kit
(Ex £37.46)
radiator bleed valve
MGF and MGTF Radiator Bleed Valve
MGF and MGTF Radiator Bleed Valve
(Ex £9.13)
MGF and MGTF Heater Pipe Connectors x2
MGF and MGTF Heater Pipe Connectors
(Ex £12.17)
oil cooler take-off adapter plate
Oil cooler take-off adapter plate K-series engines
Oil cooler adapter plate
(Ex £31.67)
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coolant pipes - stainless steel uf
MGF and MGTF Stainless Steel Coolant Pipes
One of the first upgrades Mike made for the MGF was aluminium cooling pipes..and then stainless steel and 20 years on everyone now offers these ..but not all are the same.
(Ex £98.00)
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radiator custom made race spec.
Radiator Custom made race spec.
Race spec radiator
(Ex £180.00)
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Radiator ducting
Bought and fitted this a year ago. Im not sure if cooling is helped with fan working in traffic as I'm no engineer but no overheating problems at all (touch wood). It's so we'll made and must move air in a more efficient manner especially on the go. You can't go wrong with the price just for a little more reassurance. One year on when the sun shines on the front of the car it still looks the business behind the grill.. What more do you want.
Simple and effective
This simple design is perfectly machined. It is a good replacement for the original poor quality plastic screw.