Body Repair Panels
mgf body repair panel kit
MGF Body repair panel kit
MGF sill repair kit
(Ex £348.00)
boot outer repair panel.
Boot outer repair panel.
MGF/TF boot outer repair panel
(Ex £40.67)
outer sill panel
Outer sill panel O E
(Ex £91.67)
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mgf front sill repair outer
MGF front sill repair outer
MGF front outer sill repair section
(Ex £48.33)
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mgf and mgtf front inner sill repair sections
MGF and MGTF front inner sill repair sections
Front inner sill repair sections
(Ex £49.58)
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mgf and mgtf rear inner arch panel
MGF and MGTF Rear Inner Arch Repair Panel Left or Right
MGF and MGTF Rear Inner Arch Repair Panel
(Ex £31.67)
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sill repair panel
MGF Rear Sill Repair Panel Left or Right
Allows a DIY repair using this preformed panel which is made from zinctec steel for better corrosion protection
(Ex £61.50)
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mgf front sill repair sections
MGF Front Sill Repair Panel kit. Left or Right
MGF Front Sill Repair Kit left or right
(Ex £86.67)
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door hinge repair kit
MGF and MGTF Stainless Steel Door Hinge Repair Kit
MGF and MGTF Stainless Steel Door Hinge Repair kit
(Ex £19.58)
shocker rear reinforcement bracket kit mgf
MGF Shocker Rear Reinforcement Bracket Kit
These stiffening brackets help reduce failure and strengthen the surrounding bodywork. Kit includes: x2 LH Suspension Plates x2 RH Suspension Plates x2 Closing Panels
(Ex £33.17)
sub-frame mounts small.
MGF and MGTF Small Stainless Steel Subframe Mounts
MGF and MGTF Small Stainless Steel Subframe Mount
(Ex £59.96)
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subframe crash bars
MGF and MGTF Subframe Crash Bars
MGF and MGTF Front Subframe Crash Bars
(Ex £55.00)
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mgf stainless steel sill protection cover
MGF Stainless Steel Sill Protection Covers
MGF sill protection covers made in 304 Stainless Steel.
(Ex £170.83)
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Tricky but learn from my mistakes?
SS door pins Work well if your doors are beginning to creak or sag but not as easy a job as might at first seem. Doors are heavy & tend to lever - itís all too easy to knock paint off the edges done on your own! I suggest: Recruit 1 mate. Draw round the hinges where fixed to A-frame and door with a marker pen. Disconnect strap. Open door fully. Support door weight underneath & stop it tipping inward and outward so it doesnít pull on electric cable. Donít put any weight on sill or car seat while job is being done. Take out hinges one at a time repair & replace. Bottom first, out, on bench, circlip off, pin out, bushes out - oem are black plastic with metal ring inside but shredded by time of replacement. New SS bushes push in easily. A little grease. Re-assemble tapping pin Ďsplinesí into previous indents in hinge & put on circlip. Refit hinge lining up to pen marks drawn on A frame and door. Repeat with top hinge. Refit strap. You may need to readjust hinges and/or door catch on B frame but this method protects edge of door from damage and makes realigning door easier.(according to me).
Great Repair panel
I wasn't sure of the extent of the corrosion but thought I could cut down and reduce the work involved! Well once I started cutting the corrosion was far worse. The Repair panel is exactly right to get back to good solid metal. The fit was excellent and the effort involved was probably less than trying to do a small patch!
Tricky but really worth it
Results In the end I had to ask for expert help including repairing my slightly chipped paintwork. However now both doors open & close smoothly without even the suggestion of a creak. The shut lines are neat in all directions. Closure makes a consistent seal from the doors to the door frames and of the door windows to the hood. A persistent low level rattle by behind the driverís right elbow has disappeared. This was not an easy job but restores one aspect of the car to what it should have been.
Save a bit of weight, help air flow from radiator and must help subframe rigidity. Had Subframe out last year for a front end overhaul. If your going down this route we'll worth purchasing. Had trouble with one bolt out of line, 2 minutes with file, elongate hole a fraction all sorted. This is not a bad reflection on the part just original build quality of the subframe.
Great fitting panels
Just had my MGF rear NS sill and inner arch plates done with these parts, sill clamped in position well after angle grinding old bit out, the inner arch plate for the same area also welded in well, I used a slightly tapered wooden peg in the round holes to line it up and hold it in position. Looks good now saved time and effort, thanks for these items.