subframe crash bars
MGF and MGTF Subframe Crash Bars
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MGF and MGTF Front Subframe Crash Bars
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Note :Only stainless bars are now available.
These front subframe replacement crash can bars will save space, weight and allow easier access to the top pivot of the suspension making future maintenance so much easier and quicker without having to remove the bumper to gain access.
Similar design as the race cup cars made from  1"  tube and zinc plated for corrosion resistance and I have seen some of the ones used on the MG cup cars help prevent the subframe distort under a minor impact.If they are good enough for racing then they are good enough for road use.
I have added a stainless steel option available approx end of April 2022 made in a limited number so if you prefer this option order now to secure a set. Now only available in SS.
The stock ones rust easily and weaken substantially and I have seen some crack due to fatigue after all they could be over 25 years old! Blasting and painting them a pretty colour  doesn't strengthen them and at around £95 +Vat each (inc screws) new it makes sense to swap them for a better cheaper alternative.
These will add some more rigidity to the subframe and are a far cheaper alternative to the stock part.
They will aid airflow from under the car to each side thus reducing front end lift..
When using the FCCKit or TransFormer kit  it is advisable to replace the crash cans with these parts whilst stripped down.
Please note not all subframes are dimensionally correct due to worn out tooling and assembly jigs..after over a 1,000,000 Metro subframes it was to be expected. This can have an effect on how these parts fit and although they were made using a brand new subframe as a basis for manufacture they may need some slight tweaking to make them fit your car. The subframe can easily 'rack' after a minor kerbing.  Please advise if you experience any problems. The MGF suffered from poor alignment when new and often scrubbed tyres and IMO was due to the poor subframe quality.
Sold as a pair L/R and with new M10 screws and washers for a quick easy fit.
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Customer Reviews (1)
Save a bit of weight, help air flow from radiator and must help subframe rigidity. Had Subframe out last year for a front end overhaul. If your going down this route we'll worth purchasing. Had trouble with one bolt out of line, 2 minutes with file, elongate hole a fraction all sorted. This is not a bad reflection on the part just original build quality of the subframe.