MGF and MGTF Stainless Steel Subframe mounts large and small SPECIAL OFFER!
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MGF and MGTF Stainless Steel Subframe mounts large and small
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 Special offer for the last 3 sets..Save approx £36 on a full set!! Supplied as a car set of 4 small and 4 large mounts with all necessary fixings. NOTE if you require just the rear or front subframe mounts we can supply sets of these..please ask.
This new design changes the way we use this part. The old design had to be removed from the chassis if removing the subframe.

In an ideal word they need to be retained to the chassis and the subframe detached from them so when the subframe is re-mounted to the body the alignment is still the same otherwise a geometry check is necessary which means more expense. 
This new design I have made allows the subframe to be detached and the actual mount stays bolted to the chassis so maintaining the same alignment.
Made from 304 stainless steel, using CNC machining and laser cutting for accuracy and  dove-tail together in a machined rebate so alignment is perfect and then TIG welded, this new design is more accurate, stronger and easier to use and hopefully cheaper than the stock or copied parts that are dubiously manufactured. These parts come with all the bolts and  high tensile (10.9) screws required and the M14 long bolts.
The rear small mounts  accomodate 4 screw fixings compared to two on the stock mount, they have a larger mounting plate and are supplied with special inserts that can be blind fixed into the chassis. The reason being the stock screws are nortorious for seizing and snapping off . By using these new high tensile fixings,4 per mount, the mount is more secure and easier to fit compared to trying to drill and tap out the old seized rusty captive nuts.

These can also be purchased seperately in pairs small mounts at  £58.73 plus vat or large mounts at £64.95 plus vat/pair. (Including the bolts/screws)  or either front subframe or rear subframe kits at £124 plus vat per kit (please state if front or rear kits are required)
If looking for a lightweight version see our aluminium ones finished in red anodising.
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