MGTF Ultimate suspension kit 2022 Special price!!
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MGTF TransFormer Suspension kit 2022
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Please read the customer comments on the TransFormer kits. These really do transform your TF into the pin sharp handling that your MG deserves! Designed and made in the UK not mass produced in China!! One size doesn't fit all!
Please do not use paypal due to the charges, bank transfer or debit card is the preferred  payment. AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE OF £50 IS USING PAYPAL
Please note these kits are individually  hand built  to order and take time to assemble so please allow at least two weeks from payment before they are dispatched. Check for availability before ordering as Gaz can take 4-6 weeks to make the shocks if I'm out.
A new 2022 design for the TF.
with some new ideas for the top mounts., making a huge saving on machining costs with the previous design. The lower mounting bolts are the same as the previous TransFormer kit as I can't compromise the strength by using 12mm dia bolts and risk a breakage.I use a specially machined high tensile EN16 16mm/14mm dia bolt.with specially made stainless steel washers for a perfect fit.
The design utilises the same springs and almost identical Gaz shock as the outgoing TransFormer but with some slight changes to accomodate a new MS design top spring collet, larger bushes and the stainless dome shape load transfer washers that fit to the 14mm diameter piston rod.
My new design larger top mount fits directly into the top rubber mounting pad and there are two bushes supported by a precision made inner stainless steel tube 14mm od. The bushes have a larger bore to accomodate this and are not the same as the stock TF ones. The bushes have a higher shore hardness but yet still resiliant. I don't recommend using poly bushes for the TF top mount as they don't react the same as a traditional rubber bush and can cause excess load to the piston rod.There is no advantage in trying to restrain the top of the shock from moving freely.
The kit will be supplied with ready assembled machined top arms,new bearings ,SS spacer kit and SS bump stops for the rear and new MS stainless steel pivots and oilite bearings for the front as per the last TransFormer kits.(See first picture as this is what you get in the kit) This design eliminates that 'fuzzy' steering feel caused by the needle roller bearings having excess movement,no amount of greasing will make that disappear! This movement is amplified and causes constant steering input whilst driving! Not ideal on a modern sportscar using '60's suspension design! Why they continued that on the TF eludes me. Some refurb companies still use the £20 Chinese repro kits to rebuild these arms using the needle roller bearings!!!
Apart from the old TransFormer kit this is the most comprehensive suspension kit you can buy for your TF and it's designed and made in the UK not China! Don't get Shanghied If you want cheap a budgie that way you will know where the squeaking is coming from ;-)
Two front assemblies and two rear assemblies ready to bolt to your car!!
No spring compressors needed or old parts are re-used.Springs are made to my spec in the UK Rear are 625lbs and fronts are 425lbs the same as I use in the tried and tested MGF FCCKits and work perfectly for your TF as well.
The kit is both height adjustable and damper rate adjustable. I can also supply a camber kit for the front if you require to adjust the camber.
Gaz are currently commisioned to make the shocks to my spec .Gaz shocks carry a 2 year warranty.
Compare this to a Bilstein kit with Eibach springs at around £935 plus Vat! You have to re-use old parts and the old top you are only replacing part of your suspension and you have to stick with the M12 lower bolts which is the Achilles heel. You could easily add another £200 plus labour to bring it to a similar specification as the TransFormer kit!!  Buy a comprehensive kit that is designed and built by the person you order it from!!
Note the two options . Send your top arms with order so no surcharge or pay surchage ( I have had to increase the surcharge due to non returns) until we receive your exchange arms and deposit will be refunded, if returned dirty with broken bolts then no refund.
Note all exchange parts must be cleaned before returning,without old pivots or broken bolts and be serviceable. All old grease must be removed. All exchange parts to be returned within 3 weeks unless previously agreed.

Customer feedback:
We’ve had this trophy blue 135 MGTF in the workshop and it was treated to a Mike Satur TransFormer Kit! We cannot recommend these kits enough, it transforms the steering, ride, and handling on the car so much! We also fitted new suspension arms all round, TOYO TR1 Tyres all round and finished by having a 4 wheel laser alignment, plus a couple of other small jobs 🙌🏻 🤩 check out Mike’s website at 🙂

"Swapped from Bilsteins ..they didn't give the level of comfort at all speeds...ok when fast but 'clunky' when slow. The TransFormer kit give a good ride at both speeds when on the M4 to Wales and good on dubious B roads in Wales..a definite improvement over the Bilsteins..I'm looking forward to the run home."

John Thorne 1st kit sold.

"This kit really has 'Transformed' my TF after trying Bilsteins and then Spax (better) but now this kit is a World of difference."

Matt R

2005 MG TF

I have recently had my car virtually rebuilt by MG Obsession. Both subframes replaced to powder coated ones, all bushes replaced, brake lines enough to say everything that was required was replaced. At the same time one of Mike's S/S Manifold & Exhaust System along with his re-designed TF suspension system & big rear brake kit. Having well over 40 years (50 + actually;-) ) of extensively modifying cars his attitude is second to none & the modifications have all worked with total success & my expectations have been well surpassed. I now believe to have almost a brand new car that drives better than ever & is a lot more responsive & the handling is almost to good to be true amazing results!! In my opinion money very well spent & an awful lot of Smiles Per Mile. Mike is a true professional & does not compromise on quality, one the best people I have come across while modifying cars, I would not hesitate to recommend his products & service. Mike Smith Birmingham
10:40 (1 hour ago)
Hi Mike
You asked for some feedback;
Thanks for developing and manufacturing such a complete and effective kit - it’s transformed the steering, ride / handling and braking on my car.
The steering is pin sharp.
The ride is firm but compliant - great bump control.
The handling is greatly improved particularly on fast sweeping corners.
Braking is also improved as the car isn’t tram-lining under heavy braking now.
Now a otal joy to drive.
One of the OEM lower shock bolts was already bent on the setup I removed & I’ve now greater confidence in the longer term reliability due to the improvements you made and the quality of engineering and materials.
It was also a straightforward change over thanks to your comprehensive instructions 
All in all value for money and money well spent
Best regards
Colin Moore

20/7/2023 Hi Mike,
Hope you are well, I’ve had some good drives now of the MG since doing the refurb work.
The suspension really has transformed the feel of this car. It has given me great confidence when cornering. The suspension doesn’t seem all that hard either. I love the fact that it is fully adjustable, I got to play around with the settings and get it feeling right, it was also great that I could adjust the ride height to overcome some speed bumps near my house.
I did originally consider the ‘soft ride kit’ but my main aim is to improve how the cars performance rather than comfort. I’ve already got the ‘comfort’ option in my other car. So your kit was the obvious choice.
The brakes are a huge difference now they have bedded in properly. I don’t know what has the biggest improvement because I effectively changed it all at once, rear big brake kit, braided hoses, master cylinder bracket, Black Diamond discs and pads all round. The combination is awesome.
I still haven’t fitted the SSK, I’ve been enjoying driving it to be honest to take it off the road. I’ll get to that soon because I can’t wait to feel the difference in that.
I think the whole polybush kit upgrades on the front have also made a huge improvement to the overall feel of the car. The frontend now has absolutely no rattles or strange noises (they are coming from the rear, or inside the car!).
I’m also already planning to upgrade some of the rear bushes, links and such soon, when I get time/money.
I just want to commend you for your products, they are fantastic and reasonably priced. The level of detail and quality of all the parts you’ve sent me are exceptional.
It took a while for me to do it all, I made some mistakes along the way and you were great in offering advice when needed, so massive thanks for that.
Mike Glenn
20/12/23 Hi Mike,
The transformer suspension kit is a big step up from the standard suspension. 
I went for this kit as the standard suspension felt harsh and jarring at low speeds, yet felt sloppy and soft when pushed to its limits - making the car only enjoyable when pushed to roughly 7/10th's of its ability.
After fitting the transformer kit, immediately the difference in steering feel was apparent, with the kit filtering out a lot of unnecessary vibration, yet improving steering feel and precision. 
It's been comfortable over all roads I’ve thrown at it whilst the cars been my daily driver (I have the shocks on the stiffest settings and still find this the case) and now inspires confidence to push the car to its limits. 
The only ‘negative’ is that because the new suspension is more capable, it’s highlighted other areas of weakness in the setup - Mike’s anti roll bar kit inbound…
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