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MGTF TransFormer Suspension kit 2022
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A new 2022 design for the TF. with some new ideas for the top mounts. The lower mounts are the same as the TransFormer kit as I can't compromise the strength by using 12mm dia bolts and risk a breakage.I use a specially machined 15mm dia bolt.
The design utilises the same springs and almost identical Gaz shock as the TransFormer but with some slight changes to accomodate a new top spring collet. larger bushes and the load transfer washers that fit to the 14mm diameter piston rod.
My new design larger top mount fits directly into the top rubber mounting pad and there are two bushes supported by a inner stainless steel tube 14mm od. The bushes have a larger bore to accomodate this and are not the same as the stock TF ones.
The kit will be supplied with ready assembled machined top arms,new bearings and spacer kit with bump stops for the rear and new stainless steel pivots and oilite bearings for the front as per the TransFormer kits. 
Apart from the old TransFormer kit this is the most comprehensive suspension kit you can buy for your TF and it's designed and made in the UK not China!
Two front assemblies and two rear assemblies ready to bolt to your car!!
No spring compressors needed or old parts are re-used.Springs are made to my spec in the UK Rear are 625lbs and fronts are 325lbs the same as I use in the tried and tested MGF FCCKits and work perfectly for your TF.
The kit is both height adjustable and damper rate adjustable. I can also supply a camber kit for the front if you require to adjust the camber.
Gaz are currently commisioned to make the shocks to my spec .Gaz shocks carry a 2 year warranty.
Compare this to a Bilstein kit with Eibach springs at around £935 plus Vat! You have to re-use old parts and the old top you are only replacing part of your suspension and you have to stick with the M12 lower bolts which is the Achilles heel. Buy a kit that is designed and made by the person you order it from!!
Note the two options . Send your top arms with order so no surcharge or pay surchage until we receive your exchange arms and deposit will be refunded.
Note all exchange parts must be cleaned before returning,without old pivots or broken bolts and be serviceable. All exchange parts to be returned within 3 weeks.
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