MGF TF Aluminium Foot Pedals
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MGF/TF Aluminium Foot Pedals. A unique design by Mike Satur.
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              A unique design by Mike Satur and in production for over 20 +years!
                                NO DRILLING REQUIRED, FIT IN 10 MINUTES!
Please read how to fit these.

These aluminium foot pedals simply slide onto your brake and clutch pedals, (remove the rubber covers first,D'oh!) align and tighten the two grub screws (make sure they are undone first!) with the allen key supplied. The accelerator pedal uses two existing holes to fasten through with two studs, clean the pedal of any rust and dirt, check the holes are clear (you may wish to clean the holes with a 4mm drill bit or a thin round file)  align  holes with the two studs on the back of the pedal cover,insert the top stud first and fit the two nyloc M4 nuts and washers and tighten evenly with a 7mm spanner/socket, be carefull not to overtighten.These are all checked for fitment before dispatch.
Before fitting the brake and clutch pedal check for any burrs or welding spatter and remove with a file or a coarse sanding disc such as a 80g. The pedals should slide over easily. Do not force them on.
You can fit these covers in just 10-15 minutes, the machined grooves are machined with a sharp edge which gives a better grip than the rubber covers,this prevents your shoe slipping off and the hard anodising finish ensures a long lasting finish.
The offset on the accelerator pedal stops your foot slipping off one side as is often the case when long distance motorway driving.

Note: These do not contravene any UK MOT requirements.
A great up-grade from rubber covers which become slippy when wet.
Available with F or TF machined into the pedals please choose option.
15 sets of TF and 25 MGF have been made as a limited edition due to customer requests. See photo for latest design, Available 30/8/23
Note: There will be a colour option in limited quantities.Red, Blue, Black,Green and the standard finish Silver. For the colour option there is an additional charge of £8 plus vat due to the small quantities involved in anodising. Please select this option so we can amend the order for your colour choice.
NOTE These may not fit the Chinese production cars as they have different pedal covers. If they can be removed then it is a possability they can be fitted. Please check.
The accelerator pedal has the Mike Satur logo as proof of authenticity and quality, it seems there are people copying some of my designs and passing them off as my products. Hence my name not some other Willy Nilly name.
Customer quote with the green MGF pedals:
I  always find your products to be extremely well made and beautifully engineered. BPNY.


09:44 (47 minutes ago)

Hallo Mike
meanwile I hade time to install the new pedal covers and I must say because the perfect passing
of the covers at the original ground plates it was realy a pleasure to fit the parts. No filing was needed
and the function is also how it should be. Great work and design.
Regards from Germany

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