polybush kit front mgf/tf
MGF and MGTF Front Polybush Kit
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Front Polybush kit MGF/TF
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Front Poly bush kit for the F and TF comprises the wishbone bushes and the ARB bushes (std size) Please note when fitting the wishbone bushes always torque the bolts after the car is lowered on the ground as the bushes can be damaged.
I have tried and tested the Autobushes for some 15 years and found them to be consistent quality and precision made that is why I use them on my car and offer them for sale too. 
Note if using these to replace the rubber bushes in the lower wishbones then be aware that they will work differently. The standard rubber bushes work differently to the Poly ones which rotate on the  stainless steel tube. The Rubber ones don't work this way and rely on the bonded rubber to twist and add to the suspension resistance/damping. The down side to this is that under braking especially with the larger AP brakes the wishbones will squirm under braking load making braking unpredictable. So think what you want from your suspension before purchasing. 
Poly bushes don't really make the ride harsher but keep the alignment of the suspension therefore making the steering and handling more predictable.They can transmit more noise into the car. In a open top sports car this is not that noticeable compared to a closed top saloon car.
This kit is for the wishbone bushes and the two roll bar inner mounts the outer drop link kit is a separate kit. 
Buy with confidence.
Please note we have had a price increase fron 4/1/23.
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Customer Reviews (1)
I have installed the front and rear kit and they fit very well. No massive increase in NVH but definitely more feeling and precision. Combines well with stiff Subframemounts, as you have to lower the front subframe during this install.