MGF and MGTF Front Anti Roll Bar Drop Link Kit
Item code: MGTF DL
£ 78.00
(Ex £65.00)
Front ARB drop link.With bushes and bolts supplied as a kit L/R
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Machined from billet aluminium (solid bar) makes for a much stronger product than the stock cast item which corrodes and then cracks. These are anodised for long life protection and supplied fitted with the Mike Satur design polybushes (made by Powerflex) correct flange head bolts, washers and nuts as shown in the photo..
Suitable for normal road use as well as when uprating the anti-roll bars. 
Sold as a pair L/R.
NOTE! I will press the bushes into the links as one or two people have struggled to get them in extra charge for two minutes work :-)
NB:  These fit all MGFs but only some models of MGTF approximately up to 2003.  Please check before ordering.
NOW available for the later model TF which has the flate plate design as shown in picture of the used part.
Available to order from 14 August.A limited run of 20 sets only. These will be at the same price as the offset centre ones. Please select option required.
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Too sexy for your car! ;-)
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