MGF and MGTF Small Stainless Steel Subframe Mounts
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MGF and MGTF Small Stainless Steel Subframe Mount
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This new design by Mike changes the way we use this part. The old design made from 2mm mild steel soon corroded and could cause a MOT failure. The standard replacements were no better and this lead to a stainless steel copy. However the problems associated with this design still remain. ie: they are a weak design and not user friendly when it comes to removing the subframe.
The old design had to be removed from the chassis if removing the subframe.
In an ideal world they need to be retained to the chassis and the subframe detached from them so when the subframe is re-mounted to the body the alignment is still the same, otherwise a geometry check is necessary which means more expense. 
This new design allows the subframe to be detached and the actual mount stays fixed to the chassis in order to maintain the same alignment.
The rear small mounts have 4 fixings per mount and because the old screws seize and snap this kit comes with replacement high tensile riv-nuts and screws enabling a damaged chassis mount to be repaired without any welding. The mounting plate has a larger surface area in addition  two extra fixing screws making them much more stable in use!  Note: All 4 screws/riv-nuts should be used per mount for maximum security.
You will need a 11mm drill bit (or a 10mm and a round file to open to 11mm) and a set of riv-nut pliers.

Using CNC machining and laser cutting this new design is more accurate, stronger (cut from 5mm 304 stainless plate and a solid bar of 304 stainless steel machined to a aerodynamic shape, which also save weight, threaded internally for the M14 bolts and slotted for the 5mm plate to fit into before TIG welding) and easier to use and hopefully cheaper than the stock or copied parts that are dubiously manufactured by welding on each side plate, this invariably distorts and ends up out of parallel by bolting them down they are then put under more stress . This new design are dove-tailed  together therefore ensuring 100% accuracy every time and then TIG welded  to last indefinitely. They are guaranteed for the life of the car or owner whichever comes first!
The new design small mount is sold as a pair and includes 2x HT M14 bolt and the 4x M8 HT mounting screws for the front subframe and 8 x M8 HT screws and 8 HT riv-nuts for the rear mounts  For a full car set you will need 4 (plus 4 large mounts)
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