MGF and MGTF Big 280mm REAR Brake Kit and Discs
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£ 300.00
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The rear discs are produced by Black Diamond who drill/groove and heat treat then phosphate coat for corrosion protection.
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We have 3 options to choose from when ordering  the rear brake kits:-
1.280 Discs and brackets (complete kit)
2.Brackets with screws.
3.280 Discs only.
Choose which option you require.
 After testing an existing product on the market I found the quality was not of a suitable standard with dimensional inaccuracies, poor thread formation and not square to the plate, the countersinking were at irregular heights from the face. None of this inspired me to use the product and in my opinion they were dangerous, they may be ok if you wanted to risk your own life on an off road track but for road use, they just were not up to what I would deem a good quality product. No one should skimp on their brakes and certainly no supplier should be selling a poorly made item that could potentially put his customer at risk. Any product liability insurance on such a badly made item would surely be invalidated if ever an insurance claim was made.

I therefore, re-manufactured the mounting bracket, as the supplier was not able to provide anything that was improved, using a highly a CNC machining centre and this ensured that every bracket was made exactly the same with radiused corners and correctly formed threads using thread-forming cutters not jobbing taps or a large dia drill for the countersinking. This ensured that each countersink was set at the correct height and the surfaces were correctly cut to enable the contact area between screw and plate to be perfect. Each screw can be run in by hand not as suggested "bang it all together with an impact gun" any reputable 'engineer' will tell you it should all be hand-assembled and then correctly torqued. The plates were edge finished by machining not left rough from a hacksaw cut and the arrises removed. Threads have stainless steel inserts for the caliper screws. The countersunk screws are specially manufactured and de-embrittled after plating to prevent failure.
All the attention to detail makes for a better more reliable product and the satisfaction that an appreciative customer will see the quality in the product and eliminates the need for me to test my product liability insurance. The discs are produced by Black Diamond who drill/groove and heat treat then phosphate coat for corrosion protection. Do not confuse these with the cheaper Ebay bargains these will out last the cheaper discs so work out cheaper in the long run especially if you have to pay to have these fitted. I have been using Black Diamond products for 20 years and never had an issue.
The discs are then re-drilled for a 95.25 PCD using a programmed CNC machining center, not a crude jig, so that each disc will fit the car's hub accurately every time and each hole is square to the mounting face. The last thing you want is your mechanic hitting the disc with a ball pein to get it to fit! I have seen spurious discs that have been badly drilled and they cause vibration and then start cracking around the stud holes! Aluminum concentric rings are supplied to ensure the disc sits on the hub correctly with all the correct screws and  Heiko locking washers, check out the pictures for the quality and detail.. This kit is simply the best REAR 280 conversion kit available!
"Just to let you know that I've been testing the car for the past few days and it works perfectly! The brakes make a huge difference!
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Yes, there will be 'cheaper' kits out there but until they raise the bar using UK based parts and correct engineering techniques to manufacture them then you really have no choice..and as I said above why would you want to be a chump and skimp on your brakes? As some customers have found buying the cheaper ones will mean buying again after discs cracked and excessive vibration!!