After 22 years of owning and driving the MGF/TF and putting up with not being able to adjust the front camber (I resolved the rear adjustment with the rear adjustable tie arms which are still available) but the front were always a difficult solution..several attempts have been made  such as elongating the lower ball joint bolt holes,bending the top arm!! Yes I have heard of this being done?? .The cup cars used blank top arms and drilled the taper hole in a slightly different position .however this option is not currently available and will give a more negative camber but it is a fixed adjustment so not easily matched to left and right settings.  So why bother adjusting the camber?? The stock subframes have always been an issue with accurate manufacture and the tolerances resulted in the critical mounting points being inaccurate to maintain correct settings..the cambers from left to right can vary considerably and some cars suffer from poor handling and tyre scrubbing so no amount of wheel alignment will cure this.

After a lot of head scratching and a few sheets of drawing paper..well a lot actually ... I have designed a cost effective method of adjusting the front and rear camber that can be easily installed. The installation requires some slight modification to the  rear mounting hole of the top arm pivot so access is required to this position and is best by dropping the subframe or when doing some other maintenance  which requires subframe removal. The rear subframe will be easier access as the rear pivot bolt is accessible without dropping the subframe, although the anti roll bar may need dropping  to give better access. Only a drill/drill bits /small oval carbide cutter and usual hand tools are required.

This kit will allow negative camber adjustment of approx 3 deg and can be reversed to allow positive adjustment if this is necessary

after lowering as lowering tends to increase negative camber.


The result of fitting this kit will be an improved and more predictable handling car and less chance of the dreaded tyre scrub and

costs could be re-cooped over a short time.

The parts are made to exacting tolerances on highly accurate CNC machines operated by skilled experienced machinists so you can

be assured of the highest quality and the best results from this product.

When ordering one kit will adjust one axle if doing front and rear then order two kits. NOTE the rear of the TF is not applicable as adjustment is done by the lower tie arm. 

As usual there are other unscrupulous dealers that take the opportunity to steal intellectual copyright and attempt at reproducing my designs usually resulting in  ill fitting/poor finish or dangerous parts and often more expensive.  Purchasing products from ourselves you automatically agree to not infringe our copyright and reproduce any parts from our design. The result of doing this allows money to be re-invested for other products for the benefit of MG owners world wide.


Combined postage is available when multiple are products are ordered. Over-payments will be refunded when orders are processed.

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Camber adjusting Kit MS design (one kit per axle)

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