• Cam High Lift VVC Inlet/Exhaust Set of 3 (Exchange Item)

Specially developed by Mike Satur to improve the performance of the VVC engine (MGF VVC's & TF 160). Performance gains at higher RPM 5000 plus, a direct fit for existing cams.  

Supplied as a set of 2 Inlet Cams and 1 exhaust cam on an exchange basis.  

A surcharge of £150.00 plus vat is included in the price and will be refunded when your old units returned in usable order.


Inlet cam  270° duration and 10.08mm of cam lift.

Exhaust Cam 260° duration and 10.16mm of cam lift

Exclusive to Mike Satur Ltd.

Rolling road figures on a MGF 160 / Trophy show power gains from 70 mph onwards. Specifically at 70mph before was 91 bhp after was 95.8bhp. At 80 mph before was 94bhp after 104.7bhp, at 90mph before was 109bhp and after 113.5 bhp. At  100mph before was 108 bhp and after 124.9bhp. Extrapalated power at the flywheel before showed 167.7, after 187.35.

Figures taken from rolling road at Paul Goy Racing.

Additional gains can be made by fitting our 4.2.1 Manifold.

Combined postage is available when multiple are products are ordered. Over-payments will be refunded when orders are processed.

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Cam High Lift VVC Inlet/Exhaust Set of 3 (Exchange Item)

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