Sub-frame mounts small.
Sub-frame mounts small.
Item Code: ssfm100
Price: £ 35.76
(Ex VAT £29.80)
MS design subframe mounts
This new design (21/11/19) changes the way we use this part. The old design made from 2mm mild steel soon corroded and could cause a MOT failure.The standard replacements were no better and this lead to a stainless steel copy. However the problems associated with this design still are a weak design and not user friendly when it comes to removing the subframe.
In an ideal word they need to be retained to the chassis and the subframe detached from them so when the subframe is re-mounted to the body the alignment is still the same..otherwise a geometry check is necessary..more expense. 
This new design I have made allows the subframe to be detached and the actual mount stays bolted to the chassis so maintaing the same geo.
Using CNC machining and laser cutting for accuracy this new design is more accurate,stronger and easier to use...and hopefully cheaper than the stock or copied parts that are dubiously manufactured. 
The new design small mount is priced at £29.80 plus vat ea and includes a HT M14 bolt and the two M8 HT mounting screws. For a full car set you will need 4 (plus 4 large mounts)
Shipping is the same for 1 as for 4
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