mgf and mgtf wiper motors
MGF and MGTF Wiper Motors
Code: Wiper Motor Large plug
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MGF&TF Wiper Motor
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The wiper motor on the MGF and TF can easily seize up due to water ingress ..this can be prevented by sealing the motor and tie wrapping a water proof plastic bag over it.
If you haven't already done this then the chances are it could be damaged internally.
The early cars had a different (large) wiring connector. These are now NLA. 
The later cars had a smaller plug and there are some Chinese made imports sold for around £75-£90 depending on where you purchase from. These may carry an exchange surcharge .
I have sourced a replacement unit that can be fitted for both models.
The earlier large plug connectors (cars up to 2000) we require the old wiring cutting off the  motor and sending to us for swapping over. The later cars we can send out with instructions to swap over the connectors (no soldering is needed)
If you are not confident in doing this then send us just the wiring/connector of your  failed motor and we will swap the connectors over for you.
These will fit both left and right hand drive cars. Check the linkage at this time and upgrade it to the MS redesigned replacement for an additional £36 (plus vat if applicable)
We have a limited number of these so when they have gone you will have to buy the more expensive Chinese manufactured ones!!
Don't forget to send your plug and wiring first!!