MGF Rear Sill Repair Panel Left or Right
£ 66.00
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Allows a DIY repair using this preformed panel which is made from zinctec steel for better corrosion protection
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At last an easy solution to repair rotten sill areas often picked up in the MOT inspection. This preformed panel allows a DIY repair for the home restorer approx 4hrs to fit per side.
Photos show panel in place to mark out then cut and remove the old sill then new panel installed ready for welding. It is advisable to remove all the lower section as shown to ensure ALL the lower wing rust is removed.
Due to the sale of almost all the old stock of the straight sill panel I have redesigned the repair panel to fit to the lower sill line and will repair the lower section of the rear lower wing below the air intake. The panel will come with a small arch closing panel as well.
 The sill  has the arch return preformed and the small return where it meets the front sill section to replicate the O.E. part. Special left and right tooling has been made for this.
Too many F's have been scrapped because of the sill corrosion problem which is now an easy repair.Hundreds sold with excellent results and positive feedback. Buy knowing that these will make an esier and better job than some tacked on sheet steel and a bucket of filler! Might sound exaggerated but I have seen how some have been repaired! I have over 45 years of body restoration experience so you can buy with confidence that these will give a professional result with reasonable amateur skills.
This panel requires welding in place but comes with all the holes which require plug welding to the lower sill line.  See tutorial videos on how to fit.
Only available from Mike Satur and made in zinc coated steel.
Also available will be additional repair sections  for the inner rear arch where it meets the outer wing and the closing panel for the end of the sill, this will make a repair to this area a simple DIY job.
Also available is the front sill section and  inner panels where corrosion is rife and also a weak area above the jacking point. This is a outer skin,inner section,sill end closing panel and the edge return panel,4 panels in total.
Note: As with all repair panel they will require some skill to fit correctly and bear this in mind when ordering.
The blue MGF sill repair panel was fitted by Graham Elliot Autospot and as you can see he has made a first class job of making this panel fit prior to welding and painting.Use Graham as one of my recommended workshops.
See also the stainless steel sill covers to protect the sills from further stone damage.
See also MGTF sill repair sections.