MGF Stainless Steel MK7 FCCKit Coil Conversion Suspension Kit .SOLD OUT USE MK8 version
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MGF Coil spring conversion kit FCCKit MK7 in Stainless steel
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Pay by card or bank transfer (not paypal due to charges of an additional £50) Shipping time is now less than a week from order/payment!! NOW SOLD USE MK8 Version.
This kit works the same as the FCCKit MK6 ,which replaces the hydragas but made in stainless steel. Please see the details for the MK6 kit. for all information.
Currently only Gaz shocks are used due to increase in cost of Spax.
Due to the corrosion in certain countries and the increasing amount of salt used I have developed a full 303/304 grade stainless steel TIG welded kit. ISO quality controlled Built to last a lifetime. NOTE these can be painted black if required this will cost an additional  £60 plus vat and will add 1 week to the delivery as the parts have to be specially prepared and painted by an outside painting contractor.
The arms and turrets are made in stainless steel and the top shock mount in anodised aluminium.The fixings are also stainless steel eliminating corroded and seized parts.
The additional costs over the std steel items are around £150 and will give you a choice of a suspension that will always look good without any problems from corrosion. 
The parts will still need to be hosed down to remove the corrosive elements of road salt but with the minimum amount of effort will look good for years to come.
If you are considering having your spheres re-gassed as an alternative remember this is the only suspension kit that replaces all the top arms/bearings, the knuckle joints, shock absorbers and also allows you to set the camber and have the height set to a sensible height without it fluctuating due to ambient temperature or fluid/ nitrogen loss. In fact if you changed all these components with the stock parts it would cost you more than a FCCKit!! Plus you don't need any specialist equipment such as a vacuum pump and it can fitted with just a regular tool kit.
The new SS kit is a MK 7 version due to new jigs and a slight change in the arms to enable fitting without any subframe clearance issues (see picture of the narrower arm) as always I try to make improvements with each production run.The kit will work exactly as all previous kits in adjustment and ride quality. 
I advise you to purchase the stainless steel top arm kit at the same time to ensure a perfect fit (each pivot is hand honed to each arm) instead of reusing old pivots that could be worn and rusty. The additional cost is £60 plus vat if ordered with the FCCKit which will save money if purchased at the same time and also save time when fitting the kit. Let's face it if you have never replaced the top arm assemblies, with some cars now approaching 26 years old, they will be past their service life and is a false economy not to swap them out. The new  kits come with outer seals,SS pivots, SS thrust washers ,SS retaining plate so will probably last for the next 25 years if oiled at each annual service, apart from the seals these parts are manufactured under our control in the UK and therefore fit correctly! WARNING some Chinese manufactured pivot kits are of the incorrect length and this leads to the arm locking up! There has to be at least 1 thousandths of an inch end float on the arm after torquing up. If it locks up solid do not think it will 'bed in' it will adversely affect the suspension and damper operation making the car dangerous to drive.Remove and return the kit to the supplier. Remember most parts suppliers sell parts they don't actually have a control over the manufacturing and check the quality..a bit like Argos when you order something..you have to do the job of checking it is OK and then have the hassle of taking it back! Cheap imported pivot kits are about £20+Vat each O.E ones are £98+ Vat each. Mine work out at £34+ Vat (each) and are made in the UK from non-slave labour and are stainless steel with Oilite bearings!! Go figure which one you should fit to your MG!!
All parts purchased from Mike Satur are checked individually to ensure they function correctly and UK manufactured. I know I've been called a 'slave driver' but I don't employ slave labour!

The last picture is an early production MK1/2 version for reference to the ABS clip location.
UPDATE  15/9/21 after a two year wait! We have had certification for NZ ,these use a modified MGTF top arm and slightly different (larger bore) lower bush in the shock absorber, these are made to order and are a similar price to the stock FCCKit..Please enquire about this special kit which will be made to order.