Oil cooler take-off adapter plate K-series engines
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Oil cooler adapter plate
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Fitting an oil cooler has always been an issue with the mid-engined MGF/TF cars. Some solutions are to use an air cooled matrix at the front of the car and long under floor pipes . This is not the most efficient way of doing this as it adds more oil in the system and pushing that to the front of the car and back may overload the stock pump due to the additional friction losses within the long run of the hoses. There is an additional weight penalty as well. Unless you install a thermostat to control the temperature there is a danger of the oil being overcooled.
The MGTF160 had a oil to water cooler at the rear of the engine and plumbed into the engine coolant rail.This has long become obsolete and not cost effective to remanufacture. The oil filter housing was a different casting for the oil pipes and the cooler is NLA as well as the pipes and filter housing using second hand old parts is not recommended due the age of these parts and also they are difficult to clean correctly.
Looking at ways of adding a cooler now becomes more complicated as a oil/water cooled rad has to be installed with the associated oil and water pipes.
This new adapter will fit between the block and filter housing, a much better solution to the between filter and housing adapters as these push the filter too close to the manifold and are generally for the air cooled rads.
Next needed are oil lines and coolant pipes as well as the actual cooler, using this type of cooler enables the cooler to be situated in any convenient position  and does not need to be in a cooling airstream.
Oil will be kept at the optimun temperature providing the cooling system is in good order. Check all hoses and cooling pipes and think about a slightly larger rad capacity with a radiator ducting kit. An additional fan manually switched is also a good addition. On track days you can hit the switch if the oil temp starts to rise..if it doesn't then you're not going fast enough!
These adapters are being made in a small batch quantity to get the project started so you can buy the adapter and add all the bits yourself from your favourite motor sport supplier or at some time I will offer a full kit with my own parts.
Thread size is M12 x1.25 pitch. Unions shown are not supplied at this time as I will add as options when available or you can purchase from motor sport suppliers.Some samples shown are banjo fittings and AN8 to M12x1.25 which would make a better union. Each adapter is supplied with 4x M6 flanged head bolts. You will need two gaskets. Part number LVH10010 approx £2 ea.
As an estimate of the total cost this could be around the £600 mark with all the parts ready to bolt on. 
This adapter is not designed to be used with an air cooled oil radiator.
These are not designed to fit to TF160 engines unless all the redundant oil cooling parts are removed.
These can be fitted to all K series engines from approx 1995 on but please check if you have an application in mind. 
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