MGF & TF Manifold 4-2-1 Stainless Steel NEW DESIGN
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4.2.1 Manifold
To fit all MGF/TF derivatives.
Original Mike Satur in house design proven horsepower and torque gains. Unique full mandrel bends with primaries all bent from a single pipe without any flow restricting welds, check other manifolds, they are not made the same with 'necking' where bends are made due to external formers, mandrel-bent means that an external and internal former is used to form the bends maintaining a constant cross-section without any flow restrictions. Manufactured for performance and made from stainless steel tube.

The standard manifold is restrictive and found to be the main cause of power losses during dyno testing. It was established by independent tests that as much as 15BHP could be gained by improvements in the exhaust / manifold and this design although restricted by the available space releases in excess of 10BHP when tested on a 160 VVC engine. Mid-range torque gains were improved and it is aimed at improving the torque on the VVC engines where they lack more low down torque.

This manifold was designed to fit cars with air conditioning.i.e ALL MGF/TF derivatives.

Performance gains can vary from engine to engine and as such we have dyno figures of cars before and after achieving just over 12 BHP when combined with other modifications.

Buy the best performance manifold from a long established MG specialist..not the cheapest not the shiniest just the best.

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