shock absorbers adjustable spax tf
MGTF Shock Absorbers Adjustable SPAX
Item code: SU5310TF
£ 540.00
(Ex £450.00)
2 x 9081 Rear 2 x 9080 Front. The standard shocks can be improved by fitting adjustable spax units enabling you to tune the ride to your requirements.
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2 x 9081 Rear 2 x 9080 Front.
The standard shocks can be improved by fitting adjustable  spax units enabling you to tune the ride to your requirements. These are especially recommended when using bigger wheels/tyres. Fit a set and feel the difference!
Combine with a set of my specially designed springs and make your TF handle so much better!
 Please Note: Shock absorber bolts supplied with this kit are M12 Cap heads 12.9 grade.
Lead-time 5-10 working days
NB: The alignment of the hole in the top arm can sometimes be out of concentricity with the rebate for the shock-absorber, failure to rectify this factory defect may cause premature failure of the bolt. 
Also check out my new design TF shocks due out June 2022!

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