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mgf front and rear anti roll bars uprated - spec ms design
MGF Front and Rear Anti Roll Bars Uprated
Now available to compliment our FCCKits for any fast road/track application. Counters roll when cornering hard great addition for the more spirited driver on or off track.
(Ex £335.00)
shocker bush kit - bottom - mgf
MGF Lower Shock Bush Kit
Our Shocker Bush Kit consists of polyurethane bushes to replace the bushes at the bottom of a set of 4 shock absorbers.
(Ex £43.29)
shocker bush - upper - mgf
MGF Upper Shock Bush Kit
Shocker Bush - Upper - MGF. Uprated in Polyurethane. Combined postage is available when multiple products are ordered.
(Ex £36.63)
shocker rear reinforcement bracket kit mgf
MGF Shocker Rear Reinforcement Bracket Kit
These stiffening brackets help reduce failure and strengthen the surrounding bodywork. Kit includes: x2 LH Suspension Plates x2 RH Suspension Plates x2 Closing Panels
(Ex £32.46)
front anti roll bar drop link kit
MGF and MGTF Front Anti Roll Bar Drop Link Kit
With bushes and bolts supplied as a kit L/R
(Ex £65.00)
rear anti roll bar drop links l/r
MGF Rear Anti Roll Bar Drop Links Left and Right
Billet made aluminium rear drop links
(Ex £26.63)
wheel centre
MGF and MGTF Wheel Centre Caps Billet Aluminium
MGF and MGTF Wheel Centre Caps in Billet Aluminium
(Ex £64.13)
bush - complete rear kit - mgf
MGF Bush - Complete Rear Kit
High quality polyurethane bushes. Comprises of: Rear Outer TCA/Tie bar x 2 Rear Outer Hub Mounting x 2 Rear Inner Lower Arm x 2 Rear Tie Bar to Chassis x 2 Rear Anti Roll Bar x 2 Rear Anti Roll Bar Drop Link x2 Lubricant Silicon Grease.
(Ex £89.13)
ball joint top - mgf - front/rear anf mgtf front only
MGF Front/Rear MGTF Front Only Top Ball Joint
Standard top ball joint prone to wearing and can cause vibration/vague steering/tramlining.
(Ex £8.00)
switch panel chrome mk1 non a/c
MGF Chrome Switch Panel MK1 Non A/C
Chrome switch panel For MK1 MGF's without air conditioning
(Ex £13.40)
switch panel mk1 aluminium (no air con)
MGF Aluminium Switch Panel (No A/C)
MK1 Aluminium Switch Panel (No Air Con). Order today - combined postage available.
(Ex £13.00)
switch panel mk1 with air con anodised
MGF Anodised Switch Panel with A/C
Mike Satur MK1 Switch Panel with Air Con. Anodised finish. Browse our range of MG accessories and parts today.
(Ex £13.00)
air filter - foam panel - mgf - up to sept 99, mk1
MGF Foam Panel Air Filter
Replacement part for long term economy and improved airflow. Approx: 105mm x 265mm please check before ordering.
(Ex £32.00)
fuel pump uprated
MGF and MGTF Fuel Pump Uprated
Our new high performance pump at 3 BAR flows 4 liters per minute and will continue without dropping off.
(Ex £79.00)
plug leads - high performance - mpi pre 2000
MGF High Performance Plug Leads NEW LOWER PRICE
High quality silicone plug leads. Diameter of lead 8mm. Tried and tested on our own Demo car with outstanding performance and quality at sensible prices.
(Ex £30.00)
plug leads - high performance - vvc pre 2000
MGF Plug Leads - High Performance - VVC Pre 2000
High quality silicone plug leads. Diameter of lead 8mm. Tried and tested on our own Demo car with outstanding performance and quality at sensible prices.
(Ex £34.00)
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No more sagging!
For quite a while the drivers door seal leaked, there was evidence of play in the top hinge, adjusting the catch made no difference, then I came across these! what a difference followed the video link instructions, and within 35 to 40 mins NO MORE SAGGING!! Water tested door with hosepipe and NO LEAK!! Door now closes again with a "clunk" and not a "rattly clang". Happy to recommend an excellent product. Delivery arrived very quickly.
Quality counts
When it comes to brakes, quality makes all the difference. I have in the past purchased average price components, sad to say you only get average quality and you will not experience the best performance or more importantly safety. The difference upgrading on a TF160 to big rear brakes is so good, using quality components from Mike is that much better. Now Iím happy with the brakes on road or track.