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slick shift kit v mgf & mgtf
The ultimate gear change mechanism now in it's 17th year of production with hundreds sold world wide.
(Ex VAT £185.00)
air filter - standard mgf
Approx. 105mm x 265mm replaces standard filter advice changing every 6000 - 10000 miles or service interval. TIP: For long term economy and improved airflow use replacement foam filter PP99.
(Ex VAT £11.00)
ball joint top - mgf - front/rear anf mgtf front only
Standard top ball joint prone to wearing and can cause vibration/vague steering/tramlining.
(Ex VAT £8.00)
bush - rear anti roll bar drop link
Bush - Rear Anti Roll Bar Drop Link
(Ex VAT £22.95)
drop links for rear anti-rollbar + poly bushes
Billet ali with poly bushes and bolts . improves the reaction of the rear ARB. A good upgrade when combined with my new green/red upgraded anti roll bars.
(Ex VAT £42.00)
knuckle joint assembly - mgf - standard ride height
Redesigned and manufactured in the UK by Mike Satur. The design allows a greater surface area for the loadings and therefore spreads the load ..the O.E ones are a knife edge point load so increases the wear factor.
(Ex VAT £40.00)
shocker bush kit - bottom - mgf
Our Shocker Bush Kit consists of polyurethane bushes to replace the bushes at the bottom of a set of 4 shock absorbers.
(Ex VAT £43.00)
shocker bush - upper - mgf
Shocker Bush - Upper - MGF. Uprated in Polyurethane. Combined postage is available when multiple are products are ordered. Over-payments will be refunded when orders are processed.
(Ex VAT £36.00)