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mgf and mgtf fly wheel locking tool
MGF and MGTF Fly Wheel Locking Tool
MGF and MGTF Fly Wheel Locking Tool
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mgf and mgtf seat adjusters
MGF and MGTF Seat Adjusters
MGF and MGTF Seat Adjusters
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mgf and mgtf stainless steel handbrake clevis pin and r clip
MGF and MGTF Stainless Steel Handbrake Clevis Pin and R Clip
MGF and MGTF Stainless Steel Handbrake Clevis Pin and R Clip.
(Ex £2.46)
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No more sagging!
For quite a while the drivers door seal leaked, there was evidence of play in the top hinge, adjusting the catch made no difference, then I came across these! what a difference followed the video link instructions, and within 35 to 40 mins NO MORE SAGGING!! Water tested door with hosepipe and NO LEAK!! Door now closes again with a "clunk" and not a "rattly clang". Happy to recommend an excellent product. Delivery arrived very quickly.
Quality counts
When it comes to brakes, quality makes all the difference. I have in the past purchased average price components, sad to say you only get average quality and you will not experience the best performance or more importantly safety. The difference upgrading on a TF160 to big rear brakes is so good, using quality components from Mike is that much better. Now Iím happy with the brakes on road or track.
I have owned an MGF Trophy since 2008. In 2012 the displacers failed. I purchased the very first Supplex kit for the Trophy. It kept the car on the road but always felt "aftermarket". The body started cracking at the rear and then I saw Mike Satur's kit. I discussed this with my MG garage who had just fitted one. I bought one and it has transformed the car. It feels like an OEM part. The steering has more feel and the handling is superb. I cannot rate this kit too highly and can recommend it to anyone who is uncertain as to its ability to improve the car.