MGF and MGTF Stainless Steel Camber Adjuster Kit MK2 by Mike Satur
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MGF and MGTF Stainless Steel Camber Adjuster Kit MK2
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This kit was designed and developed by Mike Satur to allow the adjustment of the camber both front and rear of the car by allowing the top pivot to be moved backwards. The MGF and TF front design does not allow the camber to be adjusted. This has always been a bone of contention if you want your car to handle correctly. The manufacturing tolerance of the subframes on many cars can be wildly out and invaribly the camber is out because of this. These kits will correct this anomaly and allow 6-8 mm of adjustment of the top arm .This is sufficient for all road cars and the majority of track cars.
Sold as a kit for either front or rear, order two kits if you want to adjust front and rear camber on your MGF or 1 kit if you have a MGTF as the rear has adjustable lower arms.
It is fitted by removing the top arm pivot bolt and modifying the rear hole in the subframe to allow the pivot bolt to slide inwards to adjust the camber.The front hole has a two washer design to replace the single one that allows movement in a pre-formed slot and the outer clamping plate to slide guided by two hardened steel dowels and then clamped by the two 6mm existing screws. Once the adjustment is made the two 1/2"UNF pivot nuts can be tightened to maintain the correct adjustment. 
The washers and locating plates are all made from stainless steel so will stay in top condition for the life of the car.
This kit is sold as an axle set so if you require adjustment to both front and rear please order TWO kits. Note the TF rear  has adjustable lower links and a different design top arm so will only work on the front arms.
NB: To fit to the front subframe the rear pivot bolt hole is obscured and we recommend that the subframe is lowered to allow this, the rear subframe can be left in position as access can be gained from the rear.
I advise to change the inner bearings to the Oilite bush type as this will sharpen the steering and has less maintenance than the grease required for the needle roller type fitted as standard.
It is advisable to fit the subframe crash tubes we manufacture as this allows access to the adjustment pivot without having to remove the bumper and stock crash cans.
The car must be on sliding wheel turntables as used when adjusting the alignment and this may vary between different wheel alignment companies. Access is easier whilst on a 4 poster ramp.
If you haven't reasonable engineering skills then leave this to someone that has the equipment and technical knowledge to be able to fit the kit and adjust the geometry correctly, otherwise you'll think this is a bit of a faff. 
An origional design from Mike Satur.
Due to the economic climate the cost of manufacturing this product continues to fluctuate  
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