MGF Coil Spring Suspension Conversion Kit in Stainless Steel
Item code: FCCKit MK6 SS
£ 1,440.00
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MGF Coil spring conversion kit FCCKit in Stainless steel
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This kit is the same as the FCCKit MK6 ,which replaces the hydragas but made in stainless steel. Please see the details for the MK6 kit.
Due to the corrossion in certain countries and the increasing amount of salt used I have developed a full 304 grade stainless steel kit. 
The arms and turrets will be made in stainless steel and the top shock mount in anodised aluminium.
The additional costs over the std steel items are around £250 and will give you a choice of a suspension that will always look good without any problems from corrosion. 
The parts will still need to be hosed down to remove the corrosive elements of road salt but with the minimum amount of effort will look good for years to come.
I am looking at the additional cost to have these electro polished for a chrome like bright appearance for those concours cars.Please enquire for details.
These will be available from approx Sept 7th 2020.There will be a limited production run of 10 sets.
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