Lightweight Ali version of FCCKit
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Lightweight Ali version of FCCKit DE luxe kit
Feb 2020 Limited edition of the FCCKit which uses a billet ali version of the top arm and top shock mount and a steel turret. In addition this will be supplied with the Ali version of the subframe mounts to compliment the kit.
The shocks are a slightly different version of the stock FCCKit and utilises the GAZ shock. Spax can also be specified and made to order. I am also able to supply a lightweight aluminium GAZ shock for max weight-saving, price to be announced.
This is an exclusive limited production run to optimise machining and development times in order to make it a viable product and they will be made in a batch of 4 car sets, 3 of which will be sold.
After this development run, they will be made in batches of 4 car sets to order only, so if you intend to use your car on track and want the best kit available order yours now.
This kit will allow you to lower the car without compromising suspension travel (i.e. it will not hit the bump-stops too early) Camber can be adjusted to approx -3deg, caster can also be adjusted as well as damper settings..which is a first for a MGF!
 The final price may vary slightly so be aware they may be an additional charge to pay depending on your requirements. The cost includes the ali subframe mounts if you wish to delete these then there will be a price reduction. 
For outside the UK please ask for shipping costs.
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