Customer Reviews (4)
Proper Suspension
Our MGF Trophy had no suspension at all. Running over a used matchstick was enough to jar teeth out of their sockets! I fitted ‘coil in a can’ replacements for the hydrogas units and whilst it made the car usable, that was about all you could say. It was noisy and the damping was inadequate. Eventually the rear damper mountings cracked, so the FCCKit was the answer, as, being a coil-over set-up, it made the body damper mountings redundant. What a difference! The FCCKit has given the car proper, secure suspension. No more clonking and bouncing down the road! So far we have done 700 miles on the kit and I am very pleased with the way it feels. I have set it up to Mike’s recommendations and so far, have no reason to deviate from those settings but it is nice to know that the damping and ride height are easily adjusted. Just wish this kit had been available five years ago!
This kit ( 231 ) was on my wish list for quite a while and I am delighted with the results. Previously I dreaded uneven road surfaces and actually chose routes to avoid speed bumps! Mike could not have been more helpful with advice. With limited mechanical ability myself I was glad on have access to a ramp and a mechanic friend...I now have more confidence in the cars ability and longevity and now look forward to enjoying the car for many years to come. Thanks Mike!
I have owned an MGF Trophy since 2008. In 2012 the displacers failed. I purchased the very first Supplex kit for the Trophy. It kept the car on the road but always felt "aftermarket". The body started cracking at the rear and then I saw Mike Satur's kit. I discussed this with my MG garage who had just fitted one. I bought one and it has transformed the car. It feels like an OEM part. The steering has more feel and the handling is superb. I cannot rate this kit too highly and can recommend it to anyone who is uncertain as to its ability to improve the car.
Transformed my Trophy 160
I fitted a Mk5 FCCKit with Spax shocks to my MGF Trophy after years of hydragas fluid failures, particularly on the rear hydragas units. Eventually, the nitrogen in the displacers also failed resulting in an extremely firm ride, which at times felt like I was going to be catapulted out of the car. The FCCKit completely transformed the ride and handling of my Trophy to the extent that it is now better than it was when new. The adjustability of ride height and shock firmness to your taste is also a bonus.