Daytona Exhaust Backbox - Mike Satur Recommended
Item Code: EXSSQ
Price: £ 351.60
(Ex VAT £293.00)
Voted best exhaust by MG World magazine,best on the rolling road,flexibility of design,ease of fitting and quality of sound. Buy the best system you can at the best price. Increases BHP between 5-8.

Awesome deep sporty tone without being overly noisy or annoying.
Finishers are supplied separately from a choice of OVAL or ROUND or QUAD tailpipes see listing and add to your order.Note price of tail pipes are separate to the Daytona.

Designed and developed by Mike Satur to exacting standards to give the best exhaust at the best droning ,no ear bleeds/tinnitus perfect fit and adjustability.. manufactured on our jigs by Piper exhausts and camshafts and with their full warranty and Mike's guarantee of satisfaction it might not be the cheapest but it is engineered for quality.

The first aftermarket MGF /TF exhaust and continually developed over 20 years of production. It's what we love doing!! We only make parts for the MGF&TF that's why we are good at it!
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