Bell crank TF
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Gearbox bell crank MGTF
MGTF gearbox bell crank.
Replaces the stock item with my own design with new rod ends that make a considerable difference to the selection of the gears.
The part has two separate positions for the cable ends and to fit this new part requires the old one removing by punching out the roll pin and releasing the two cables. This new design has rod ends that have a 10mm spanner flat to get the correct tension and the part is self-lubricating.
These are the best you can buy and are manufactured exclusively bu ourselves and come with a zinc finish for protection against corrosion and we supply a new roll pin in stainless steel. Great value for money.
All MG TF's produced from 2002 have this design. If you have a MGF then see the listing for that part.(Some Chinese manufactured cars may have a different part please check)
Note if you purchase the slick shift kit then there is no need to buy this separately as it is included in the slick shift kit.
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