MGF and MGTF Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold 4-2-1.
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MGF and MGTF Stainless Steel 4-2-1 Manifold Designed and Manufactured in the UK by Mike Satur
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To fit all MGF/TF derivatives. Also available for the MGZS/ZR and these are made to order.
"Simply the best" See review.
Original Mike Satur in house design proven horsepower and torque gains. Unique full mandrel bends with primaries all bent from a single pipe without any flow restricting welds, check other manifolds, they are not made the same with 'necking' where bends are made due to external formers, mandrel-bent means that an external and internal former is used to form the bends maintaining a constant cross-section without any flow restrictions. Note the primaries are made from one length of tube not welded sections, this ensures that there are no internal welding sprue that can restrict flow.  Manufactured for performance and made from stainless steel tube.

The standard manifold is restrictive and found to be the main cause of power losses during dyno testing, these were independent tests by a respected engine building giant in Northampton. It was established  that as much as 15 BHP could be gained by improvements in the exhaust / manifold and this design although restricted by the available space, releases in excess of 10BHP when tested on a 160 VVC engine. Mid-range torque gains were improved and it is aimed at improving the torque on the VVC engines where they lack more low down torque.
Don't think the stock manifold can be improved much by grinding down internal welds, this will release hardly any noticable gains..I know I have done this some 25 years ago. The later 6 stud manifold is just as restrictive..just have a close look at it! The exhaust side can be improved on considerably and this 4-2-1 design has stood the test of time and the the true test of the dyno!
This will benefit any K series engine when compared to the stock system,if you intend to make modifications at a later date to the head then this the one to buy don't waste your money on anything else.The so called 'sports' manifold you see on ebay are no better than the stock manifolds that's why they can't back up claims with flow bench or dyno testing results!
Note: These are NOT  the same as a Janspeed manifold. Check the bend radii the welds and the power gains..How do I know?? Janspeed used to make these for me but I changed manufacturers around 2003 due to the the requirements I wanted and they wouldn't accommodate my designs /quality required.
Remember I can supply the same design for the MGZS/ZR and you will achieve similar gains Tested and used on my 2002 MGZS from new!

This manifold was designed to fit cars with air conditioning.i.e ALL MGF/TF derivatives including cars with a PRT stat. after fitting always check clearances as build tolerances can vary from car to car and make sure hoses and wiring is clear of any pipework .

Performance gains can vary from engine to engine and as such we have dyno figures of cars before and after achieving just over 12 BHP when combined with other modifications and a ECU re-map is advised for the best results.

Buy the best performance manifold from a long established MG specialist..not the cheapest not the shiniest just the best. Check out the review.."Simply the best!"

UPDATE: To reduce heat gains in the engine bay and exhaust gasses at optimum temperatures I have introduced a polymer ceramic coating option the benefits are:


  • Increased engine power.
  • Lower exhaust temperatures.
  • Protection for thermally sensitive components.
  • Lower engine bay temperatures.
  • Reduced heat soak in the cabin.
  • Rapid cooling qualities.
  • Improved Looks.
  • Better resistance to the elements.
  • Gases allowed to flow better through exhaust system.
  • Protection from rust.
  • Note this option can take two weeks from order if not in stock.
  • The best just got better!!

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Customer Reviews (3)
Simply the best
Time came to change the back box on my TF160. Putting a good back box on a standard system would not realise the best improvement so complete system it would be. Over the years it would seem that the system Mike provides is the best if you want to maximise performance from an exhaust. Mike very quickly delivered the system and what a piece of engineering art form it is, the welds alone make you smile. The system went together beautifully and only needed the engine lifting to make space to get the manifold located. Whilst I was expecting a performance improvement, the extra power surprised me. I do have a very nice head with cleaned up ports and a stage 2 K maps remap and the exhaust really lets the power come through. At idle there is just a gentle burble, low revs and part throttle is a sweet hum and the sound at full throttle max revs is gorgeous. Thanks Mike
2005 MGTF
2005 MG TF I have recently had my car virtually rebuilt by MG Obsession. Both subframes replaced to powder coated ones, all bushes replaced, brake lines enough to say everything that was required was replaced. At the same time one of Mike's S/S Manifold & Exhaust System along with his re-designed TF suspension system & big rear brake kit. Having well over 40 years of extensively modifying cars his attitude is second to none & the modifications have all worked with total success & my expectations have been well surpassed. I now believe to have almost a brand new car that drives better than ever & is a lot more responsive & the handling is almost to good to be true amazing results!! In my opinion money very well spent & an awful lot of Smiles Per Mile. Mike is a true professional & does not compromise on quality, one the best people I have come across while modifying cars, I would not hesitate to recommend his products & service. Mike Smith Birmingham
2005 mgtf 4 2 1 exhaust manifold with Daytona exhaust
Received exhaust manifold today absolutely 2nd to none quality, customer service throughout ordering gave me nothing but confidence. Came complete with all fittings required Cant rate the service and product high enough. Big thanks Mike