MGTF Front Top Arm Rebuild Service
Item code: TFTA 100
(Ex £180.00)
Exchange service for MGTF top arms and SS pivot
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Exchange top arms with new 3/4" long oilite bearings fitted and reamed to correct size with new ss pivots and ss thrust washers.
Choose option .The additional surcharge of £80 per pair will be refunded on receipt of old units cleaned and degreased without any broken bolts. Old units to be returned within 3 weeks of purchase with copy of receipt.
Damaged units will receive a reduced surcharge on inspection. There is an easy way to remove the old bearings without resorting to angle grinders and butchery.

The arms are blast cleaned and then the old bearings removed the arms are then checked for damage and dimension.
The arms are zinc plated (if available due to recent restrictions otherwise they will be etch primed and zinc sprayed as an alternative) for corrosion protection and then new oilite self lubricating  bearings fitted and then reamed to final fit.The M12 bolt hole is re-tapped to ensure the threads are not damaged a new HT bolt/hardened washer is supplied.
Due to the usual corrosion of the pivot pins we will supply a new stainless steel pivot pin in with this kit and I have revised the price and photos to include these with new design stainless washers. The washers are now designed to cup the O ring seal and hold in the correct position. The end plate is also stainless steel and comes with the M6 retaining screws. Also included are new outer seals.
The arm bearings require an occasional drop of oil through the oil hole. which will be fitted with a M6 blanking screw. 
The knocking and poor steering response associated with the needle bearings are eliminated.
Note The later LE500 TF had deeper rebate and no threads to accomodate a 'dog bolt' this was also used on some Export models going to Mexico. Either send your old units if this is the case or advise before buying as these units are harder to find . I can machine the standard arms to accomodate this design but are done on a one off basis and there will be a extra machining cost to be added to the price.

The exchange price is £180 plus vat per pair.Due to shortage of arms please supply arms with order or pay the surcharge price.
NB:  A surcharge of £40 is payable/arm if arms are damaged or unserviceable.
We require the arms to be returned within two weeks, if this is not possible please contact us.

Rear exchange arms also available for £160 plus vat/pair.
Exclusive service from Mike Satur.
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