MGF and MGTF Top Arm Replacement Bearings Kit
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MGF and MGTF Top Arm Replacement Bearing Kit with outer seals and thrust washers
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 The oilite bushes have increased in price dramatically  03/24 and the price have been adjusted These Oilite bearings replace the stock needle roller bearings. These eliminate the excess play that is usually present with the needle roller type and have to be greased.
The Oilite bearings are self lubricating by having lubricating particles impregnated in the manufacturing process so require very little maintenance and because they have a continuous contact surface with the pivot they do not have any play as the needle roller type and will last longer and eliminate any steering chatter caused by the needle roller type.
This design can be used with a slightly worn pivot so saving money replacing the pivot although IMO you are better buying the kit with the stainless steel pivot shafts I make to ensure the job is done proerly!. The kit is for two arms so if you are doing all 4 on a MGF order two kits.   If you are replacing the two front arms on a TF then order one kit.
The kit comprises of 4 bearings  each 3/4" /19mm long, 4 O ring oil seals and a special bearing removal tool which enables the old needle bearing to be removed in a few  seconds.NEW addition we are including the outer seal as well in this kit as the stock ones become ill fitting due to the grease.There is a slight price increase due to these additional parts.UPDATE 6/4/23 I am including the thrust washers I make to ensure the O ring seals fit correctly,  thes O rings are imperial 3/4" ID and mate to the groove machined into the washers for a perfect fit.I have adjusted the price accordingly.
After fitting the bushes trial fit the pivots, it too tight then a 3/4" reamer should be used to ensure a good fit. Note the bushes should be reamed rather than honed as this causes the oil pores to become blocked,they can be cleaned by using a brake cleaner but must be re-oiled with SAE 30 oil.

Please note these should NOT be greased during service a few drops of sae 30 oil is sufficient through the grease nipple or remove the nipple and use the small M6 screw supplied to blank off.
Designed by Mike Satur.
Note You can now purchase a new design pivot bolt and thrust washers in 304 Stainless steel to compliment this kit. This will eliminate the issues of corrosion on the shaft,this can only be used with the bushing kits not the standard O.E. needle roller type of bearings..
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