MGF and MGTF Stainless Steel Exhaust Heat Shield
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MGF and MGTF Stainless Steel Exhaust Heat Shield
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Latest design and manufacture of the exhaust heat shield which as a MGF or TF owner you will know how poor the stock fibre one is which disintegrates and turns to dust.See photos.

Now that is a thing of the past and this alternative is a high spec product that is made from  brushed stainless steel and is supplied with two anti-vibration mounts and all the fixings to fit it in place. There is only the top surface that is a brushed finish the underside cannot be fully protected against any scratches due to the manufacturing process and subsequently may have some marks,these are concealed by the exhaust.
NOTE the stock shield has two M6 screws into the chassis these require re-tapping to take the M8 screws of the mounts or you can use the M8 Riv-nuts supplied in the kit if the captive nuts fail.
Why M8 I have been asked?? A stock rubber mount has 2x M8 threads a purpose made M6/M8 would increase the cost considerably. The MG thread in the chassis will be rusty and possibly weakened so security may be reduced.
By using the M8 riv-nut or retapping to new threads you eliminate this possible cause of failure.The additional weight of the stainless steel also warrants a slightly stronger mounting.

The stock fibre one was around £80 plus vat but is now no longer available so it makes economic sense to buy one that will improve the look of your MG and will be the last one you will ever need!
Customers report a cooler boot floor after using this product proving how effective the product is. Please read the reviews!!

Consider ordering the heatshield and exhaust hanger brackets in stainless steel at this time includes the hanger rubbers and bolts this is an improved design which gives better support to the mounting rubbers and manufactured by ourselves and saves approx £3.00 if bought together.
The heatshield AND brackets are listed as a separate purchase hence the difference in price.

Also available is a new design heatshield trim, this fastens to the stock heatshield not required if you purchase the heatshield.. See the shop for this item.
Please note I have now made these parts with my logo on them.  Two reasons, my heatshield trim has been copied and I wanted to improve the design for a better fit and finish making copies both more expensive and obsolete in their design.
The customer can identify easily the source of the parts.
Due to Brexit charges shipping to Ireland either North or South carry an additional cost of approx £10-£15

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Customer Reviews (4)
Great Enhancement
I fitted this to my MGF Trophy 160 to replace the existing flimsy heat shield when I fitted a Daytona exhaust. The contrast in quality is like chalk and cheese. The new heat shield has really enhanced the look of the rear of my car while providing a much greater level of heat protection to the boot area.
Heat Shield
I first bought one for a rebuild of an MGTF160 as the original had disintegrated. The difference in cost was minimal but the benefits not only in looks but in the difference in heat dissipation from the boot interior was phenomenal. The boot is cool even after the longest run. So impressed I have now fitted 3 to each car I have worked on. Looks great from behind as well.
Well worth upgrade
Easy to fit and lifts the look of the rear of the MGF well worth investing in one to replace the tattered original
Wow! This heat shield is something else.
I'm really impressed with Mike's heat shield. The only thing I never really liked about the rear of the MGF is that you could see that back box. Always looked unfinished to me. Now, not only does it look cool, it really is COOL! GET ONE!