MGF and MGTF Front Wishbone Long Pivot Bolt Conversion.
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MGF and MGTF Front Wishbone Long Pivot Bolt Conversion.
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Specially made for this application by Mike Satur when using polyurethane bushes.  These are not suitable for standard rubber bushes!
The standard MGF and TF has two bolts per side.  To remove the rear most bolt the subframe has to be lowered.  This conversion replaces the two bolts with one long bolt inserted from the front of the vehicle.  This makes removal in the future very simple.  In addition one bolt ensures the correct alignment of the two bushes when in situ. The build quality of the subframes invaribly means the two bolts are not always in alignment.
This kit works out cheaper than buying the 4 O.E. bolts. Check your bolts when removed invaribly the threads will be worn or damaged and they will have wear marks due to mis-alignment. See pictues of the old bolts! Often when refitting you may not be able to achieve the correct torque, this wil usually mean the captive threads are damaged. Do not risk a failure as this new long bolt enables you keep a visual check on the security and torque by turning the wheel full lock whilst still on the ground!
After lowering the subframe to remove the existing bolts, the existing captive nuts have to be drilled with a 12mm dia drill to allow the new bolt to pass through, for the front captive nut a drill extension may be required as the nut is some 140mm inboard.. Always fit the ss shims  which may be missing as the OE ones are often lost or corroded,the new shims have to be located on the bolt eliminating the potential loss of this part, once fitted bend back and rivet it to the subframe through the hole in the shim..
Tighten to correct torque when the car has been lowered to the ground and re-check after the car has covered 500 miles this can be easily done by turning the wheel full lock or by using an extension from the front .
Supplied in the kit are two long bolts, two stainless steel shims, lock nuts and washers.  For maintenance in the future this kit will save both time and money.
We also keep M12 bolts as the O.E size if you want to replace the stock 4 bolts (RYG10048) with like for like.These are priced in pairs at £4./pr please call or email to order. Check the bolts in the subframe and they should screw in by hand before tightening. If you can't do this it means the threads are damaged and you may need to run a M12 tap in first to repair the threads. Don't reach for a impact gun and force them back in...

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