MGF and MGTF Daytona Exhaust Backbox - Mike Satur Recommended
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MGF and MGTF Daytona Exhaust Backbox - Mike Satur Recommended
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NOTE Due to imminent price increase because of stainless steel material prices increasing we advise you to purchase a Daytona now to save money!! This has already happened on some of our other stainless steel products!
Voted best exhaust by MG World magazine,best on the rolling road,flexibility of design,ease of fitting and quality of sound. Buy the best system you can at the best price. Increases BHP between 5-8.but can also take a VVC143 to nearly 170 BHP and a TF160 to 180BHP. This may be with other additions such as air induction and re-mapping.Neither of the two sample cars have any head gas flowing/porting work undertaken ..with this it would improve power/torque approx 5% more. See owners supplied dyno graphs. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't see dyno results of other exhaust systems being sold as 'sport' or 'race' exhausts!!
Of course we don't guarantee these gains as every car produces power differently but it shows what can be gained by 'bolt on' parts if made correctly!

Awesome deep sporty tone without being overly noisy or annoying.NO DRONING!We have had so many reports of customers swapping out their aftermarket exhausts because they do not deliver or their garage taking a torch to the parts to bend them and make them fit!!.Buy the best and you won't want to part with it!
Finishers are supplied separately from a choice of OVAL or ROUND or QUAD tailpipes see listing and add to your order.Note price of tail pipes are separate to the Daytona.

Designed and developed by Mike Satur to exacting standards to give the best exhaust at the best droning ,no ear bleeds/tinnitus perfect fit and adjustability.. manufactured on our jigs by Piper exhausts and camshafts and with their full warranty and Mike's guarantee of satisfaction it might not be the cheapest but it is engineered for quality. 
Made in the UK and Sold World wide!
PS Check out the stainless steel heat shield and brackets at the same time. (See review)
Check the FB link  Mike Satur Developments. | Facebook

The first aftermarket MGF /TF exhaust and continually developed over 20 years of production. It's what we love doing!! We only make parts for the MGF&TF that's why we're good at it!..But don't take my word for's some feedback from a customer that has recently fitted the full system to his car.
Mike. Please excuse the ludicrous hour...
I got my car back today.
You've totally gobsmacked two garages. All the guys are nothing but knocked out by the build quality and precision of your exhaust.
As for myself, I am totally stunned. God mate, it's an absolute beauty. I'm astonished!
I just wanted to thank you and wanted to say I'm so pleased to have given my money to an English Craftsman of your calibre.blush
Thank you again and I'm proud to own the exhaust.
I will.promote you as much as I  possibly can,
Thanks again.
Kind wishes and best regards,
Paul Randall. 10/8/21

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Customer Reviews (5)
Quality Product with Awesome Sound
I fitted both is exhaust to my MGF Trophy 160 and it is a great enhancement over the standard MGF/TF exhaust. It is a quality stainless steel product and easy to fit. The sound is awesome and really adds to the driving experience. I would also recommend fitting the SS exhaust shield and brackets at the same time to enhance the appearance of the rear end of the car.
Just the job
Purchased after looking and listening to many a tune played on MGF and TFs pipes , my car had a TT mk7 which on a steptronic was becoming hard work as the throttle is on or off on a steppy, glad to say the Daytona is perfect just the right tone when and level when enjoying the car to the max and a pleasant time when cruising. Highly recommended
Full exhaust system
I recently purchased the full Daytona Stainless Steel Exhaust System for my very early MGF. The Craftsmanship, Communication and Service from Mike Satur was in my opinion second to none. I and my Mechanic where both genuinely stunned ! I whole heartedly recommend and commend Mike Satur's diligent and exacting workmanship. A true English Artisan. Thank you Mike.
Sounds great
Just fitted the daytona system , what a difference, sounds like a sports car now . Easy to fit with kit supplied and as I am a novice did get a bit stuck but a quick phone call to Mike was all I needed, great to have expert knowledge when needed . Well recommended.
2005 MGTF
2005 MG TF I have recently had my car virtually rebuilt by MG Obsession. Both subframes replaced to powder coated ones, all bushes replaced, brake lines enough to say everything that was required was replaced. At the same time one of Mike's S/S Manifold & Exhaust System along with his re-designed TF suspension system & big rear brake kit. Having well over 40 years of extensively modifying cars his attitude is second to none & the modifications have all worked with total success & my expectations have been well surpassed. I now believe to have almost a brand new car that drives better than ever & is a lot more responsive & the handling is almost to good to be true amazing results!! In my opinion money very well spent & an awful lot of Smiles Per Mile. Mike is a true professional & does not compromise on quality, one the best people I have come across while modifying cars, I would not hesitate to recommend his products & service. Mike Smith Birmingham