MGF Hydragas re-gassing nipples now available. Prescision CNC manufactured in stainless steel to my design incorporating an internal viton O ring to seal the nipple into the adapter and a stainless steel domed washer with a neoprene seal bonded to the underside..The 'Schrader' valve is rated at 500psi so will cope with the 280 psi recommended nitrogen pressure easily. 

These nipples are a DIY installation but care and a certain skill level is required.. The top part of the sphere requires a hole drilling and a riv-nut insert fitted this requires a riv-nut tool  similar to a pop-rivet type.These can be purchased easily for approx £10-15 ,once fitted and tightened correctly the nipple can screwed into the insert (NOTE the fluid has to be fully de-pressurised,preferably vacuumed   before fitting and re-pressurised afterwards as the fluid pressure (400psi) is higher than the gas pressure (280psi so a hydra gas pump is required) These can be fitted in-situ  although we recommend they are removed to enable better access and for cleaning)so do not require the time consuming and costly removal and replacement of the hydragas 'bottles' / spheres or welding (which can damage the internal rubber pocket if not done correctly) therefore allowing the owner to fit and have the nitrogen replenished at a local HVAC (HeatingVentilation AirCon ) specialist that uses nitrogen to test for leaks in HVAC systems. This is a common test and is used by all HVAC engineers everywhere..Once fitted the sphere can be re-pumped up temporarily with a normal air/tyre pump with sufficient pressure(10bar min) that will allow the car to be driven to a local HVAC centre or allow a site visit. It also allows the sphere to be tested to check if the diaphragm is ruptured. Simply fit by drilling a hole (full instructions are given) and test with air and attach a tyre gauge to see if the pressure starts to drop the sphere if damaged will be full of fluid and this is immediately obvious once drilled. If it does then the sphere can be removed and a replacement also tested before fitting. The nipple can be removed by simply unscrewing and re-used on another sphere with a new riv-nut .Once fitted and recharged the cost saving over removing the 'bottles'/spheres and refitting can be as much as £350 plus any postage involved! The cost for a set of 4 is  £70 plus vat = £84 Royal Mail postage is £2.50 for UK purchases and approx £4-£8 .00 for other countries depending on location. I have made 25 car sets so it is a limited production run once gone it will be 3-4 weeks before we can remake more. If you have a MGF and want to restore the ride comfort then try these. Below is a link explaining the way hydragas works.with thanks to Dieter


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Hydragas nipple non-weld installation.Nitrogen re-fill

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