Currently under final design and testing this long awaited conversion from the hydragas spheres to a true coil over shock suspension will give the MGF a new lease of life. NOTE PICTURE ONLY SHOWS THE SPRINGS AND SHOCKS NOT THE FULL KIT         NO WELDING REQUIRED BOLT ON DESIGN

The problem

The last MGF was made in early 2002 so now some 15 years old and some are coming up for 22 years old, as my own car is, so the hydragas units are well past their intended service life by some 10-15 years. The failings with the hydragas units are corrosion, leaking fluid and the eventual loss of pressure in the internal nitrogen compartment ..something that cannot be prevented , as well as the fluctuation in ride height. This gradual loss of gas leads to a harsher and harsher ride which may not be noticed until too late and permanent damage has been done.

Keep it in mind that there are no new hydragas units available (maybe some old stock but are likely to need regassing) and if put back into production would not be a cheap part and I would guess they would be around £300 +each. Just look on Ebay to see how much secondhand used units are! A 'repair' service can only be undertaken on old units so reliability could become an issue and a repeat of the costs involved as well as the expense of removing and refitting and repressurising the hydragas system yet again. “At the moment there are enough spare (second hand) units to go round but this won’t always be the case” So the current solutions are not considered a permanent fix.

Plus you have the same old issue with the height going up and down with the ambient temperature and the associated problems with potential tyre scrubbing and lopsided appearance and trying to find a local garage with the knowledge and equipment  that can check and adjust the height correctly. 

For those that want to have a MGF in preference to a TF  (which has coil over shocks) and change to a coil/spring set up then this new kit will suit your needs.  You could fit he TF suspension but it had many design flaws and weaknesses  some were addressed on the last models produced but IMO not eradicated and in any case the parts may need refurbishing as they could be 15 years old..(you wouldn't want to use shocks and springs that were 15 years old),  the costs of complete sub frame refurbishment and swap would therefore be quite expensive.

Current solution

The current offering of a 'coil in a can' solution just does not work as a suspension should (in my opinion) and is a compromise with the ideal design solution. Remember the Hydra gas uses both a gas pocket spring under pressure and a fluid under pressure so these act against each other in a controlled manner and requires less leverage than a conventional steel spring would...using a steel spring to replace the hydragas is asking too much. for such a small amount of leverage.i.e the point at which the leverage acts on the spring (the knuckle joint) will only give 15-20mm of vertical  movement for the amount  the suspension moves, because it is too close to the pivot point and therefore insufficient leverage. The solution for the TF was to move the fulcrum/leverage point away from the pivot point to approx 3 times the  distance of the knuckle joint position and therefore allowing the spring/shock 3 x the vertical movement...sufficient to allow the spring to work as it should. Obvious when you think about it

Time has shown the damage to the chassis the coil in a can conversions can cause via the shock absorber resulting in cracks in the chassis around the mounts. They are not owner serviceable, difficult to adjust, do not have adjustable dampers and can be quite expensive £800-900 plus fitting and you have to keep the old top arm/ bearings and knuckle joints, which may need from people with this type of conversion have had to replace the knuckle joints after installation, hardly surprising as the higher impact loads were not a design factor when using the hydragas . Parts alone could cost you another £300. This makes the kit quite expensive with ongoing repairs and also puts you back into a 'specialist' part supplier if one goes faulty with potentially the car being stranded somewhere waiting for a replacement unit. Some of these units come with a warning of 'serious injury or even death!' So  NOT something you would want to try and repair in a roadside emergency. . and  therefore for the above reasons the coil in the can is not a good solution.


A new suspension kit that transfers the loads into the subframe not the bodyshell

Has adjustable damper settings 

Has height adjustability.

Replace parts that are likely to be worn.

Improves the safety and reliability.

Allows camber adjustment (optional)/ full wheel alignment

Has easily sourced replacement parts.

Does not require specialist equipment such as the hydragas pump/welding

Mechanic friendly.

And finally a suspension kit that does what it says on the 'can'.


The new suspension kit will comprise of: 4 turrets, 4 springs and 4 adjustable  shocks and 4 new design top arms and bearings with all the required nuts and bolts to fit and also offered with the option of a camber adjustment kit.£40 per axle set as a separate purchase  or £60 for front and rear kit saving £20 if purchased with the coil spring kit.

. Of course to fit the new kit will involve removing some or all of the old hydragas units, pipes and the top arms/bearings so a car hoist is advisable. Please note that the condition of the existing sub frames should be examined first as many are now corroded and may need repair or replacement.

As a bonus the old hydragas units and parts can often be re-sold so recouping some of the costs  and helping other MGF owners to be able to use their cars again.

All parts are UK manufactured and as such will be  backed up by our 'off the shelf' spares should they be required but thankfully DO NOT come with a risk of death warning!

We are provisionally offering this kit at £875 plus vat (or £935 plus vat with two camber kits saving £20 plus vat on ordering separately )  plus shipping costs. The initial batch of 13 kits will be available 11th September.2017 

To order please email to with your contact details and requirements if purchased from the web shop then we will confirm the delivery date.The initial production of 13 kits will be available from 11 September and we will be contacting interested parties that have previously emailed. We have already started production on the next 20 kits and these will be available in 4 weeks (time req'd for the shock absorbers to be made)


Remember we will only sell parts that work correctly and are correctly engineered for the job and  we have control over the manufacturing process that way we can sell with confidence.


By purchasing our products you agree to protect our intellectual  and copy rights.

Combined postage is available when multiple are products are ordered. Over-payments will be refunded when orders are processed.

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MGF Coil over shock conversion kit ROAD version. Hydragas replacement

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