NEWS FLASH Mike Satur Designed MGTF suspension all new design makes a quantum leap for TF owners. NOW AVAILABLE 12/12/18

MG TF TransFormer prototype shock absorbers arrived (11/4/18) and pics as promised.Front shocks have a 15mm lower bore for a larger bolt (std is 12mm) and a metalastic bush, rear has a 17mm dia bore for a larger 17mm bolt (std 12mm) with a spherical bearing more snapped lower bolts and damaged driveshafts!!.14mm dia high tensile piston rod for ultimate strength no flexing underload with a custom made top collet for the top spherical bearing which will allow the shock to move without any stress (no more crude rubber top mounts) and the load directly transfers to the 14mm rod .

New design CNC ali top assembly/housing that will bolt into the top of the subframe via a rubber cushion isolating pad (no drilling required).The spring and shock body moves without lateral resistance from the mounting plate this unique design allows the shock and spring to move concentrically without any sideways bending of the spring making the unit much more efficient and without undue stress on the top mounting as it is moving freely in the upper bearing. 50mm dia large capacity shock body for better ride with height adjustment and damper adjustment so the suspension can be fine tuned to your requirements...a first for MGTF owners..

.Supplied as a fully assembled unit with springs (these can be easily changed for different rates without the need for spring compressors) ready to bolt into the subframe and supplied with new lower fixing bolts  CNC precision machined to my design and specifications not a mass produced off the shelf bolt of variable quality.

.Price IS £950 plus vat for a set of 4 with springs, bottom bolts and top mounts.????British made for British cars????????????️Initial run will be 10 car sets so please reserve a set if you are serious about the best suspension you can buy for your TF.

The criteria for this design was to eliminate all the standard problems the TF has in the suspension the moment any other design on the market is basically a 'copy' of the original factory they are compromised and still have the same issues..NO old parts are re-used as other kits.

Replacement bearings can easily be removed by removing retaining circlip and pressing out .(Bearing costs are approx. £12)

The only modification required is to drill the top arm thread from 12mm to 14mm dia this must be done with the arm removed to ensure accurate vertical alignment and concentricity. A HSS drill bit can be supplied for an additional £8.00

I have designed this kit from a fresh sheet and believe I have, after a lot of thought, eliminated all the inherent issues the standard cars suffer from and a vast improvement on all other designs on the market and what I believe to be good value for the amount of engineering that will go into this kit.

It advised that the front top arms be fitted with the new MS design sintered bearing/seal kit at this time.£30 INC VAT

Available approx. 12/12/18 press buy now to ensure you get a set of the first run.Update 18/10/18 5 car sets have already been sold so if you are thinking of buying this please order early to avoid a long wait telephone 01782 373547 for further information.

For customers wanting a 'track' version this will be developed as a follow on design using lightweight aluminium shock bodies and  with different spring rates to suit lightened cars running lower.


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MGTF TransFormer suspension kit radical new design.

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